Wine Cellar Art Gallery opening Dec. 2


The paintings on the card are: Maine Sparkle by Paul Breeden Mother Loon & Chicks by Ann Breeden Birch Harbor Huckleberry Patch by Jeff DiBella


The Wine Cellar Art Gallery downstairs at John Edwards Market is delighted to host the work of three local artists – painters/illustrators Paul & Ann Breeden & photographer Jeff DiBella

Paul Breeden has been a professional artist for over 50 years working as an illustrator, botanical artist, painter & calligrapher with works featured in National Geographic, Audubon, Sierra, World, & Smithsonian among other numerous magazines. He illustrated Peter Jenkins’ book, A Walk Across America and all 24 volumes of Time-Life Books’, Lost Civilizations. Now Paul devotes his energy, expertise, & imagination to the fine arts including colorful works in acrylics, water media, wood sculpture, & photography. “I really love painting the rugged beauty of coastal Maine – the power of the sea, the textures of the rocky shore, lighthouses, old farms, and tall spruces against the luminous sky. Nothing makes me happier than a person connecting with and falling in love with one of my works.”

Ann Breeden spent five years studying art under the tutelage of Helen Murthy at the Berkshire Art Museum and with Jean Lewis in Zuni, New Mexico, again studying art as well as Native American Culture. Her paintings have been shown in numerous galleries, universities, colleges, & festivals in various states across the country. “As an artist, I’ve always strived to capture the light and line of my natural surroundings, trying to bring the passion and love that I feel for that fleeting moment when Mother Nature and my imagination meet in harmony.”

Jeff DiBella’s photography focuses on landscapes and birds. Inspired in his teens by the great Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter of Maine, Jeff recently moved to Maine after living in Connecticut most of his life. Relocating to Maine allows him to enjoy his love of the natural world, especially birds in flight, and provides him enough subject matter for a lifetime. He tries to present his viewers with images of nature they might not otherwise get the chance to see.  Jeff’s black-and-white work on Snowy Owls of Acadia was featured all summer at MDI Biolabs’ “Art meets Science” exhibit for the celebrated 100th birthday of Acadia National Park. When not in the field, Jeff teaches basic photography at Sullivan Adult Education. “I’m lucky to be surrounded by great photographers and naturalists in this area who have been generous with their knowledge and expertise. They are my new inspiration!”

This show will be available through the month of January. An opening of this show at the gallery is planned for December 2nd.  Please visit the Wine Cellar Art Gallery. We are open daily. Contact us at 207-667-9377 or

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