Beerits, Wilson, Walker at DIAA’s 3rd ART matters

(Deer Isle, Maine) – The Deer Isle Artists Association presents local metal artists Peter Beerits, Doug Wilson and Ian Walker for its third ART matters 2 session at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 8, at the Deer Isle gallery.

The artists will bring examples of their work to discuss with each other and the audience during the session, titled METALS plus. DIAA Board Member Hub White will serve as moderator.

The popular ART matters 2 discussions have been attracting standing-room only audiences.


Peter Beerits “Bear-face”

Beerits, an artist who primarily fabricates in wood, said he has always relied on metal for fine details such as eyes, lips and fingers. “Because my work depends on the drawn line to express images, I am attracted to metal because I can cut a more defined line in it,” he said. “I also use low-technology metal casting to work around limitations in forming wood and fastening metal objects to it.”



Ian Walker, “Minora”

Walker, a retired geologist, has worked in wood since the 7th grade. “In the mid-1970s a blacksmith writing in Fine Woodworking magazine claimed I could make a better wood chisel than I could buy,” he said. “My woodworking largely gave way to blacksmithing, and I remain an amateur blacksmith. Much of my work is inspired by collaborations with other craftsmen and includes door and window hardware, chest hinges and locks, woodworking tools and the occasional whimsical item donated to a non-profit group auction.”


Doug Wilson, “Door Handle, Hostel”

Doug Wilson has taught nationally and has worked as a blacksmith on Deer Isle since 1981. He produces functional work such as candlesticks, fire tool sets and fire screens, as well as architectural work, including gates, railings and sculpture. The work is produced using traditional hot forging techniques used by blacksmiths to produce fine work for centuries. “There is fire, glowing iron and the ring of the hammer in every piece of work,” he said.

Eric Ziner has had to cancel participation from the METALS plus session of ART matters 2 due to unexpected obligations that arose.

The program begins at 1:30 pm, and each artist has a short time to speak. When all are done, the artists will talk with each other for a period of time followed by an open discussion with the audience. A reception follows with 44 North Coffee, tea and cake.

ART matters is in its second year as a winter discussion series among artists and residents of Deer Isle. The DIAA intends ART matters 2 as a way to enable artists to talk with each other, to keep the gallery alive in winter and to have people learn about what, why and how artists create. Nineteen artists are participating in the six sessions of ART matters 2 this year.

Founded in 1972, the Deer Isle Artists Association is a member-run nonprofit organization committed to creating and exhibiting art. Our more than 100 members include painters, sculptors, printmakers, jewelers, fiber artists, photographers, ceramicists and other artists.

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