John Bowdren Fall Exhibit Opens at Yarmouth Frame and Gallery

"Lobster Rafts at Dusk" 36x48 acrylic on canvas

“Lobster Rafts at Dusk” 36×48 acrylic on canvas

Yarmouth Frame and Gallery’s Fall exhibit Presence of Place, is a group show with their 22 year around gallery artists with a focus on John Bowdren. John’s works have a quietness about them, a peacefulness that is soothing and meditative. The show is a reflection of that sensibility and having a presence of place. There is an Artist Reception on September 9th 4 to 7 and runs through November 22nd.

In John’s own words about his process, he shares,”Mornings start with a cup of tea, a quick look at the weather and the tide charts, then grab the Maine Gazetteer, sketchbooks and camera and off along the Mid-Coast, following the little boat symbols in the Gazetteer for public boat ramps and put in’s, where I hope to find my painting subjects and an A-Ha moment to share.”

"White Boat at Dock" 12x12 acrylic on canvas

“White Boat at Dock” 12×12 acrylic on canvas

John’s work relies on the warm or cool temperature of light and how it effect the emotional presence of a place. “Reflecting light is important to my work.” John tells us. “I work the color values back and forth in the water of my seascapes so that it appears to be there, but not there and serves as a supporting role for the placement of boats or wharf subjects.” The overall effect gives my audience a feeling of calm in the unbalanced balance of a finished piece.”

"Hanging Out at the Wreck" 24x24 acrylic on canvas

“Hanging Out at the Wreck” 24×24 acrylic on canvas

Yarmouth Frame and Gallery is located at 720 Rt. 1 in Yarmouth. Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm. For more information about all 22 of our year around gallery artists or to make an appointment for a private viewing call 207-846-7777 or email from our website.

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