Best Betts on display through December 24th

Best Betts Collage 2017

Betts Gallery moves into fall with a show entitled ‘BEST BETTS’. We’ve decided to go through our own collection of works, and offer up some of them for sale, along with a host of other works by local artists, including: Daniel Anselmi, Julie Cyr, Sheep Jones, Kathleen Mack, Willy Reddick and Julie Rose. This will be a revolving show, meaning, when a piece is sold, it will be replaced by something new. This ever-changing exhibit will stay up through December 24th, which will allow you plenty of time to return to see what’s new!

The Belfast Framer and Betts Gallery are located at 96 Main St, and also may be entered on Beaver St. For more information please call (207) 338-6465 or visit our website.

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