Chinese Painting and Traditional Tea Ceremony at The Art Loft Gallery

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This class will focus on learning how to paint Morning Glory flowers. This will involve composition, the use of colors and ink, the study of line, and the dry and wet application of colors. Also during the class, we will taste three kinds of Chinese tea and enjoy a traditional Chinese tea ceremony to help us understand the complementary relationship between traditional Chinese painting and the Chinese tea culture.

Chinese traditional painting is based on the use of brushes, ink and Chinese painting colors on rice paper.
 It is mainly divided into figures, flowers, birds, and landscapes. Traditional Chinese painting uses subjects to convey artistic ideas and thought. It is about three aspects of the universe and human life: figure painting represents human society and interpersonal relationships; landscape painting the relationship between human beings and nature, where man and nature are portrayed in harmony as an organic whole. Flowers and birds represent nature, in harmony with people. Artistic expression stimulates philosophical thinking about human being. These three aspects suggest a universal whole, bringing out the best in each other and convey the true meaning of art as art.

Saturday, December 9, 1-4:30 pm, $35
Instructor: Nanfei Wang

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