Featured Artist Kim Nicholl and Call for Teachers at The Art Loft

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Artist Kim Nicoll has been teaching at the Art Loft for a year and a half. We are pleased to feature her work.

Why do you create what you do and what drives you?

I’m a very visual person. I want to sketch everything. As a child, I always doodled, even on my school work, and I got in trouble for it once. But another teacher did let me paint a mural on the wing at school when I was 11 years old. I remember selling hand-drawn bookmarks in school, I even got preorders. I create because I absolutely love doing it. I love seeing the vision in my head become real. It’s challenging at times when I don’t see the results I envision, but I keep trying new techniques until it works. It’s creative problem-solving.

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Was the Art Loft instrumental in getting you started? 

I have to say, being involved at the Art Loft has been a tremendous confidence booster!  I would never have imagined myself teaching art to a room full of strangers, but when the Art Loft asked me to teach a children’s class back in September 2016 I nervously tried it. And loved it!  After taking a couple of affordable classes and doing some paint nights at the Art Loft, I finally felt a bit more confident to teach adults. The Art Loft has been a valuable part of my journey.

When do you create (how often, how long does it take, and what time of day)?

I’ve been creating daily for nearly a year now. I’ve done many Instagram art challenges to develop my skills. Inktober, watercolor challenge, 21 days of brave and a 4-month MATS boot camp online art class. Mostly in the evening after my son goes to sleep, is when I do my painting projects. I could seriously paint all day if I neglected being a mom, wife, and caregiver. But I’m delighted that my son loves to create too. In fact, he’s the reason I am painting again. He is an inspiration. Rediscovering the world and every new sensation through his vibrant, fresh eyes has been an awakening.

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Do you find art therapeutic?

Absolutely without question!  Art brings me joy and excitement. There’s something so thrilling about creating beauty.  I’ve become a more confident, open-hearted human being.  It has helped me to start expressing what I’ve suppressed throughout my life. The benefits I get from art compel me to share with others the idea that there’s hope and healing to our internal conflicts.

Art Instructors Needed
The Art Loft is seeking art instructors for our Drop-in classes, more advanced workshops, as well as Paint Night leaders.  We can offer competitive pay, a very flexible schedule, as well as many other perks. If you have experience in art, or know somebody who does, please contact us for more information at 207-200-7915 or visit artloftrockland.org

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