9th Biennial Portland Show at Greenhut Galleries

April 5-28, 2018
Artists reception, Saturday April 7, 1-3pm

Greenhut Galleries is pleased to announce its 9th Biennial Portland Show featuring work by 51 artists. In a creative tribute to our city, artists are asked to interpret “Portland”.

Each unique vision of Portland makes for an interesting, exciting, dynamic, sometimes humorous and diverse exhibition. Greenhut is dedicated to showing the finest art made by Maine’s best artists. Please join us in celebrating our wonderful city, Portland, Maine.

Participating artists: Daniel Anselmi, Joel Babb, Susan Barnes, Phil Barter, Chris Beneman, John Bisbee, Mary Bourke, Louise Bourne, Jeff Bye, Thomas Connolly, Ben Coombs,
Diane Dahlke, David Driskell, Grant Drumheller, Kate Emlen, Lindsay Erin, Philip Frey, Roy Germon, Alison Goodwin, Tom Hall, Lindsay Hancock, Madeleine Hopkins, Tina Ingraham, Anne Ireland, William Irvine, Henry Isaacs, Sarah Knock, Margaret Lawrence, Richard Lethem, C Michael Lewis, David Little, George Lloyd, Daniel Minter, Ann Mohnkern, Nancy Morgan Barnes, Colby Myer, Lisa Noonis, Colin Page, Tom Paiement, Phoebe Porteous,  Alison Rector, Glenn Renell, Alec Richardson, Paul Rickert, Kathi Smith, Mike Stiler, Alice Spencer, Bonnie Spiegel, Barbara Sullivan, John Whalley and Richard Wilson.

Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 5:30pm
Sat. 10am – 5:00pm

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