“Shapes in a Series” | Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC

Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC, announces the opening of a new exhibit by gallery members and guest artist Katharina Keoughan, at 11 Centre Street, Bath, on Friday, May 25, with a wine and cheese reception from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The public is invited to attend and meet the artists. Admission is free.

Katharina Keoughan’s first career as a graphic designer and owner of a leading graphic studio in Miami, Florida, prepared her well for a second career as a fine artist. Keoughan says “On moving to Maine 25 years ago I pursued painting with the same drive and enthusiasm I gave to my design work. Fourteen years ago I began teaching and found my passion in nurturing adult painting students. The result is teaching, exhibiting, being a part of the art community and living a joyous life.”

About Shapes in a Series, the current exhibition of Conte and watercolor drawings she says “When drawing a figure, I don’t set out to draw a nude body. I draw shapes, positive and negative shapes, round shapes, and curved shapes. Often I draw in the areas that remain after the figure is rendered. This series began after I drew a female figure and chose to draw a square around her. My curiosity grew. I asked myself how much space could a figure fill in a square or a circle, where is the mass and what shapes remain? These drawings are a series of shapes. Yet, I am hoping my audience finds their own meaning in the drawings: femininity, sensuality, mother-earth, confinement, or strength.”

Shapes in a Series Exhibit ends July 13.

For more information please call 207-442-0300

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