Dowling Walsh Gallery July Exhibitions

Dowling Walsh Gallery will host three exhibitions in the month of July: Joyce Tenneson, Robin McCoy, and Stephen Pace.

Opening Friday, July 6th from 5-8pm in conjunction with Rockland First Friday Art Walk.

Joyce Tenneson
July 6, 2018

In the early 1970’s, Joyce Tenneson began creating her own photographic paper by applying silver emulsion with a brush to watercolor paper, creating images with a painterly effect. These works show the artist’s hand and the process of development in a beautifully revealing way through depicting moments of everyday intimacy: her own self portraits, photographs of her young son, and scenes of daily life in her home. Tenneson creates a world that seems to exist outside of time, open to the unconscious and heightened fragility, seeking to make the invisible visible.

Joyce Tenneson, Partitioned Shell, 1976, Hand applied silver on Arches rag paper, 30″ x 22″

Robin McCoy
July 6, 2018

Maude Robin McCoy grew up painting in the studios of her father, John McCoy and her aunt, Carolyn Wyeth. She is inspired by an intense observation of her surroundings. Using gestural strokes in watercolor, her works portray the natural landscape with attentive quietness.

Robin McCoy, First Snow, Watercolor on paper, 18″ x 15″

Stephen Pace (1918-2010)
July 6, 2018

Stephen Pace began spending time in Maine in 1953. This shift in his surroundings drew a change in his painting from pure abstraction to an interest in portraying what he saw around him in the working harbor of Stonington. He began depicting everyday scenes of his life in Maine with colorful gestural energy. These works show his interest in everything that made up his life in Maine; from landscapes of surrounding islands to the subtle figurative actions of working lobstermen.

Stephen Pace (1918-2010), Unloading at Duryeea’s Pier #2, 1988, Oil on canvas, 60-1/2″ x 84-1/2″

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