Grand Opening of the season at Philippe Guillerm Gallery

“Mona Bird – Body Gard – Mine”

Philippe Guillerm at Philippe Guillerm Gallery

“Art is Fun”, a exhibition of works by international artist Philippe Guillerm, opens with an artist’s reception Saturday, June 9th, from 4 to 7pm.

Philippe Guillerm presents a unique series of Paintings and Sculptures from his travels to the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands. This year’s Collection will be fun, eclectic and whimsical for Waldoboro’s first ArtWalk of the 2018.

Born in Paris, France, Philippe Guillerm began working with design in a early age and the local environment had an enormous and lasting influence on his drawings giving him contemporary forms he continues to use today on his tree dimensional works. The artist actually went to school for engineering, following his father’s vocation. He grew up surrounded by art, and his training, along with helping his father build furniture and boats, prepared him to compose. Philippe’s family is originally from Brittany, or “ Land of the Sea”, where the people traditionally worked as sailors or fishermen .With his heritage and a life time of summer sailing behind him, adolescent Guillerm left France for Spain and Morocco. His travels eventually led to French Guyana, where he met wife and wood, Philippe found the beauty of each undeniable, and he left for Tahiti two years later as a husband and sculptor.

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