Final Show of the Season at Shaw Contemporary Jewelry

August 16 – September 12

OPENING RECEPTION at Shaw Contemporary Jewelry in Northeast Harbor
Thursday, August 16, 5-7PM

Sam Shaw:
Figure Landscape Mash up
Sam’s third presentation of fantasy figurative landscapes and sculptures. New this year are seven foot tall towers of abstracted nudes. Long legs, balancing arms, and precarious situations. The paintings are male and female nudes, often dancing and cavorting in an imaginary setting.

Judith Brust:
Mind’s Eye, Past and Present
In the artwork and mono-prints of Judith Brust you can see the world: the infinite and the finite, the mixture of rolling exploration of space and the eternal grasp for the fourth dimension that lies beyond what our mind and eye can grasp. Judith will be having a contemporaneous showing at the Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park.

McTeigue Estate Jewelry
August 16–18 ONLY
Our third presentation of this venerable New York based estate jewelry firm established in 1895 will be presenting fabulous jewels for three days only. Kate Fisher, born in Australia, and an expert for decades, will be exhibiting magnificent pieces that were in high fashion from before you were born.

Stacy Hopkins:
Jewelry Meets Natural History
Vermont based Stacy has an obvious love of the natural world. She casts natural forms and textures into precious metals to make exciting jewelry akin to a cabinet of curiosities. A student of biology in university, her appreciation of the science/art connection is visceral.

Spotlight on Sophie Ratner, Steve Battelle,
and Susan Walker

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