To Dance with Light & Energy, Part I at the Gallery At Somes Sound

To Dance with Light & Energy, Part I
September 1- September 14

The Gallery at Somes Sound

Eline Barclay

“Here on the Maine Coast I live inside my paintings. I am surrounded by a tidal marsh, providing me with a daily visual lexicon of inspirational subject matter. The colors of weather – the Maine light – the violence of storms with heavy air and dark skies – the foggy mists and soft glows; all evoke feelings of awe as well as peacefulness. There is also a mood of elegy in my work, brought on by the growing threats to the fragile ecosystems of the coastal wetlands.” Eline Barclay

The Gallery at Somes Sound, 1112 Main Street, PO Box 203, Mt. Desert, ME 04660

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