Final Weeks at Stable Gallery for 2018

‘LaVerna Preserve, Winter #1’ painted by Jon Luoma Courtesy of Jon Luoma



As summer turns to fall Stable Gallery, one of Damariscotta’s sources for quality art, is announcing its final weeks of the 2018 season.

Friday, October 19 is the last day the gallery will be open for 2018.  After that, the eight artists who manage the gallery will turn their attention to getting ready for the 2019 season.

What keeps these dedicated artists and their devoted customers coming back to the former stable on Water Street in Damariscotta, year after year?

Jon Luoma, one of the managing artists who paints, says, “Quality and variety, that’s what it’s about for me.  Variety of approaches, viewpoints, styles, techniques, subject matter and media, all by Maine artists working in our locality.”

Customers’ comments reflect this perspective as well.  “Lovely work. Nice to finally get over here,” one wrote recently.

A visitor from Connecticut offered, “A MUST see on every trip to Maine.”

For Roz Welsh, painter and jeweler from Damariscotta, Stable Gallery is a “special place that is open and friendly without giving up on professionalism. It is good to be part of something that is bigger than any one part.”

“It’s family, “ says Mary Hall, jeweler from Damariscotta.  “Some artists have been with us for all our thirteen years. Still, each year is different, as we strive to keep finding talented artists to include.”

Hati Modr, a painter who lives in Harpswell, appreciates the diversity of talents and shared dedication required to manage a successful gallery.  She says, “Eight of us who manage the gallery meld our different skills into an organization that works.”

Stephen Vowles, woodworker of Damariscotta adds, “Quality and continuity are not a given without effort from everyone involved!”

The walls and tables of Stable Gallery are full of sculpture, paintings, jewelry, fabric and woolen goods, plus ceramic and glass dishes.   If you are planning for one to be a gift or an addition to your home, Stable Gallery at 28 Water Street, is open daily 10-5 until October 19.   For more information, call the gallery at 563-1991.

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