Monkitree presents “The Gray Area” by Ashley Rogers

Ashley Rogers “Impaled Scars”


With The Gray Area, Ashley Rogers seeks to highlight the reality of being a woman, a human being, and how society and the influence of others affect everything. “My purpose of this body of work is to confront the human experience. As the only story I know is my own, I have chosen to use my own human form as a model to illustrate body image, emotion, and the growth from child to adult in various social and personal contexts.” Through pattern, texture, and mark making Ashley has transformed the human body into decorative objects, a reflection on the role the female body.

In her work, Ashley exposes the dark undertones that are often overlooked from under our shiny exteriors.  We strive for perfection, even though we make mistakes. “We have dark thoughts that can weaken dignity. Only by respecting one another and understanding each individual story do we earn our place at each other’s tables in our most joyous times,” Ashley explains, “My work has been heavily influenced by nature. With the symbolism of growth, death, and an endless cycle, I strive to show that learning to understand our human experiences will allow us to come out stronger than before.” Art itself is a personal form of self-portraiture. And Ashley is using her personhood to share her whole story. Not only heart and soul; but body, as well.

Ashley Rogers graduated from Maine College of Art in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. She uses her photorealistic background to journey through the exploration of abstraction, sculpture, and fiber art– areas that allow her to express her love of texture, patterns, and construction.  A local-to-Gardiner artist, Ashley serves as the Program Coordinator for Spinoff Studio. Ashley’s work has been seen in collaborative shows through the Maine College of Art and other Maine venues, as well as Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, Clare, Ireland. This is her first solo exhibition.

Join us for an opening reception on October 5th from 5:30-8:30. The show can be seen at Monkitree-263 Water Street, Gardiner, ME through November 24th during regular shop hours.

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