The Cynthia Winings Gallery presents “Summerkind”


Cynthia Winings, Small Waves, Gouache, collage, silver and gold latex, 4 x 4 inches



Featuring the Highlights of the Summer season, with artwork by Louise Bourne, Tom Curry, Anna Hepler, Christine Lafuente, Buzz Masters, Bill Mayher, Libby Mitchell, Carol Pelletier, Jerry Rose, Lari Washburn, Diane Bowie Zaitlin, Cynthia Winings, and more!

A view of the New Sculpture Garden



View of Carol Pelletier’s painting, with Christine Lafuente’s landscape painting to the left and Anna Hepler’s ceramic piece, Studio Urchin



And celebrate the Opening of the New Sculpture Garden, with work by LUNAFORM, Melita Westerlund, and John Wilkinson.

The exhibition will run from September 25 through October 8,
or October 13! (Call ahead!)



John Wilkinson’s sculpture, Self, with Diane Bowie Zaitlin’s oil and cold wax paintings, from the exhibition, Expectations Of Place



Tom Curry’s painting Sea Change, with Ingrid Ellison’s oil on panel series



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