Jerri Finch Works Showcased at Thos. Moser in Freeport

Belfast artist Jerri Finch is pleased to be part of the Thos. Moser Winter-Spring Show, “Maine’s Four Seasons for Art” at Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers in Freeport.

Featuring work by David Little and introducing artists Kristine Biegel, Richard William Blanchard, Mark Coates, Jerri Finch, Lisa Kyle, David D. Pearce, Lea’ Peterson, Donald Rainville and Andrea Rouda.

Ongoing exhibitors include Linda Bail, Philip Barter, Andre’ Benoit, Tom Curry, David Estey, Philip Frey, Anne Ireland, James Kucheman, Ann Mohnkern, Don Ripper, Marguerite Robichaux and Judy Taylor.

The show concludes April 29, 2019.

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