Man-Made: A State of Nature presented by Greenhut Galleries

Amy Peters Wood, Amelanotic Panhomoteratoma, egg tempera on resin encased panel


From February 7 – March 2 Greenhut Galleries is proud to present an environmentally themed invitational show with a focus on the social and cultural aspects of climate change. With point critical for reversing climate change behind us, but mitigation of future effects still possible, we invited 23 activist artists to submit work that creates awareness, stimulates dialogue, explores ethical issues and implications, comments on or seeks to change human behavior towards other species, and encourages long-term respect for the natural systems with which we coexist. The result is an exciting and eclectic exhibition. Media range from oil paintings to photographs to ceramics, textiles, reclaimed fishing gear, encaustic, wood, plastic, raw coal, bee pollen and more. The thread that binds is the thought-provoking beauty of the objects themselves and the passion each artist brought to this important project. We hope you’ll join us in participating in this urgent conversation.

Gin Stone, Atlantic Canyons Coyote, mixed media


Opening reception, Saturday, February 9 from 1-3pm. Man-Made featured artists: Judith Allen, Greta Bank, Stephen Burt, Kate Chappell, Lee Cummings, Michel Droge, Rick Green, Sean Alonzo Harris, Joe Hemes, Adriane Herman, Tina Ingraham, Juliet Karelsen, Jonathan Mess, Amy Peters Wood, Ben Potter, Alison Rector, Carter Shappy, Gail Skudera, Gin Stone, Shoshanna White, DM Witman, Jeff Woodbury, Dudley Zopp

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