Maine: The Painted State at Greenhut Galleries

Dozier Bell, 22:00, Acrylic on linen, 30 x 50 inches



Maine: The Painted State showcased at Greenhut Galleries from April 4 – 27 with an opening receptions on Saturday, April 6 from 1:00-3:00pm.  In curating this exhibition, we asked 50 of Maine’s best artists to get personal – to show us the places in Maine that are the most meaningful to them. The most memorable places — the ones that keep calling them back, again and again. We are thrilled with the work we received – work grounded in a sense of place, but occupying a liminal space where the personal intersects with the universal.

John Whalley, Monhegan Storm, Oil on linen, 18 x 24 inches



In our 41st year and dedicated to showing the finest art made by Maine’s best artists, Greenhut Galleries is pleased to host this celebration of our majestic state, and its amazing artists. Join us!
Featured artists:  Jacobus Baas, Susan Barnes, Dozier Bell, Chris Beneman, Todd Bezold, MJ Blanchette, Mary Bourke, Jeff Bye, Sam Cady, Thomas Connolly, David Dewey, David Driskell, Grant Drumheller, Kate Emlen, Maurice Freedman, Kathleen Galligan, Roy Germon, Alison Goodwin, Tom Hall, Lindsay Hancock, Thomas Higgins, Bayard Hollins, Julie Houck, Jon Imber, Tina Ingraham, William Irvine, Henry Isaacs, Sarah Knock, Philip Koch, Margaret Lawrence, George Lloyd, Amy Lowry, Daniel Minter, Nancy Morgan Barnes, Colby Myer, Colin Page, Tom Paiement, Alison Rector, Glenn Renell, Alec Richardson, Paul Rickert, Bjorn Runquist, Kathi Smith, Mike Stiler, Jan ter Weele, Alexandra Tyng, Michael Walek, Neil Welliver, John Whalley and Timothy Wilson.

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