Weaving East to West 2019 Workshops with Sara Hotchkiss



Sometime in the mid-eighties not too long after I moved to Maine, I met a lovely woman at a craft show near Camden who fell in love with the color blends of a rug I wove. She and the rug went happily home. In truth I went happily home too because I sold a rug to a nice person who fell in love with what I had already fallen in love with: the color blends that make my rugs so special.

Many years later I bumped into her at another show and she mentioned needing a rug for a space in her new home. She told me about their first viewing of this house when they noticed a distinctive runner on the stairs that they knew at a glance was mine. The previous owners had commissioned me to weave this stair runner 10 years before. A bit of serendipity, yes? The stair runner is still there and looks as good as ever.

Eventually we began the design process and the weaving and this handsome dining room rug was born. It’s so perfect for this room. I knew I couldn’t let it go without a photograph to keep so I enlisted my long time and favorite photographer Dennis Griggs of Topsham, Maine to photograph the room and rug.





Workshops are filling! For information on weaving workshops visit www.sarahotchkiss.com and email me for availabiliy.

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