Camden Falls Gallery opens for “Promise of Spring”


Charles Fenner Ball “Sun Strokes”


Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to be back and open for the new season.  Our opening show “Promise of Spring” features works by various house artist and highlights the work of Charles Fenner Ball.  “Promise of Spring” will run through June 21  at Camden Falls Gallery.


Ken DeWaard “Beach Breeze”



Fenner’s work is strongly inspired by his time trekking in Aspen and Birch Groves.  He transposes into existence the feeling of clear brisk high mountain air and Aspen filled valleys with the magical play of color, light, and shadow of our Eastern Birches.


Jonathan McPhillips “Grounded History”



“I would characterize my paintings as having a representational style, a dose of impressionism, with a slightly contemporary edge.  Not necessarily by design, but because that’s just how they seem to come out – a product of my personality, I suppose, in some semi-mysterious way.”



Olena Babak “Working Harbor”


While the majority of our house artists included to the show are primarily Plein Air painters, finding sunlight has been somewhat challenging with our weather to date.  Complementing the show are new works by Olena Babak, Alison Hill, Ken DeWaard, and Jonathan McPhillips, who have all braved the weather to find and record their muse and inspiration within this “Promise of Spring”.



Alison Hill “Manana Gull”

The gallery is open from 10am-5pm daily; 12pm-5pm Sunday. Camden Falls Gallery is located at 5 Public Landing in Camden, ME 04843.  For more information, please call 207-470-7027 or visit

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