The Turtle Gallery Opens for Gallery Artists Group

The Turtle Gallery in Deer Isle is having an opening Reception on Sunday, June 2 from 2 to 5:30. Art includes woodblock prints by Gene Shaw and Dan Miller, fresco work by Barbara Sullivan, sculptural tables by Wayne Hall, ceramic works by Sequoia Miller, metalsmith Jack Hemenway and fiber works by Ed Bing Lee. This exhibit runs through Saturday, July 5th.

Also exhibiting in the Gallery Artists Group Show are Lynn Duryea, Arthur Hardigg, Rebecca Goodale, Peter Kemble, Jaap Helder, Chris Joyce, Michael Weymouth and others.
In the sculpture garden there is work by David Sywalski, Hugh Lassen, Susan Chase, Nancy Nevergole, Cynthia Stroud, James Wolfe, Patrick Pierce, Steve Porter, Andreas Von Huene, and David Curry. Ongoing collections of jewelry, craft, and limited edition prints can always be seen.

The gallery is located on rt. 15 just north of the village of Deer Isle.  Regular weekly Hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 12 – 5:30 call 348 9977 for further information

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