The Gallery at Somes Sound “Scott Baltz: The Past Shaping the Future”

Scott Baltz, “Ponds End”


The Gallery at Somes Sound will be having it’s first show from June 12 – 25 featuring “Scott Baltz: The Past Shaping the Future”

At the core of Scott Baltz’s work is an examination of the energy and movement within the landscape. His paintings evolve from intimate experiences, filtered by the passage of time, memory and imagination focusing on transition, simplified compositions and shapes. “The way I go about creating a painting has shifted, as it feels more a meditative process where the painting directs me, as opposed to the other way around. It is a journey with the past shaping the future.” Scott Baltz For the past several years Baltz has been working thematically on images revolving around transitional light. The challenges and joys of the creative process sustains his passion, artistic vision and well-being.

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