New Works at Shaw Jewelry

Now Showing through July 10 at Shaw Jewelry in Northeast Harbor.

Barbara Heinrich: Contemporary Classics

meet the artist july 10–11

Barbara is all about timeless beauty. She blends classic understatement with contemporary sensibilities. This is about the wearer having an exquisitely made heirloom of uncompromised beauty and quality. We have shown her work for 35 years.


Hilary Philips

Hilary’s calm Maine landscapes are a summer day enjoyed. Colors are muted like a foggy day.


July 11–24

Petra Class: Celebration of Material

Weight of Water: Jessica Beer, Jessica Ives, Michael Seif, and Kathie Florsheim

July 25–August 7

Peter Walls: Nature, Animals, Color, and Beauty

Hughes Bosca: Bold and Gold Jewelry

Sam Shaw: Bent Figures and Greek Myths

Alex Sepkus: Breathtaking Jewelry (August 5–6 only)

August 8–21

GURHAN: Master of One-of-a-Kind Designs

Jessica DeFrenn: Inhibition – Nudity, Nature, and Animal Anatomy

Matt Russ: The Long View 

August 22–September 4

Jean Kigel: Geometric Realism / Fractured Landscapes

Ayesha Mayadas: State of the Line

Beverly Orthwein: Botanicals and Beyond 

September 5–October 2

Deborah Page: Painted Stories

Judy Taylor: Models in the Winter Studio

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