Stable Gallery Opens for “Boundaries”


‘Legend’ pendant by Mary Hall. Photo courtesy Mary Hall


Starting this week, Stable Gallery in Damariscotta features a new show of glorious, artful objects and paintings.   The show titled, “Boundaries” crosses many edges and delights many senses. 

Highlighted in this show are startling, three-dimensional objects by Mae Billington.  “I honor the environment by ‘upcycling’ trash into fine art,“ Billington says. With wood, metal, glass, even clock parts, paintbrushes and bells, Mae creates imaginary worlds, both beautiful and intriguing.

Mary Hall’s exquisite silver jewelry is worth the trip to the gallery at 28 Water Street.  Mary ‘s earrings, necklaces, rings and spoons evoke a spiritual connection to Native American sensibilities.  Mary says, “Each of my work has a story told by invoking historical images.”

Five painters with distinctive styles have their work on the walls of the primary gallery room.  This year, Denise Rankin is highlighting paintings of dancers. Marcia Brandwein’s oils depict her love of trees and shadows.  Jon Luoma paints detailed landscapes using watercolors and Chinese inks. Hati Modr has returned to painting uplifting, Monhegan inspired scenes. Her results include uniquely colored shadows cast upon houses and boats. Polly Smith paints still lives and landscapes in watercolors that draw observers in with her fresh touch and thoughtful titles.  Glass, metal, fabric and metal objects complete the show’s collection.  Judith Daniels offers fabric art as wall hangings and wearable works. Nicholas Downing’s metal objects include household utensils and wearable works.  Nancy Tang has created mounted and three-dimensional glass sculptures that capture light. Finally, Steve Ryder has built wooden flower vases and tables that add class to any room.

Beyond these featured artists, Stable Gallery includes works from approximately 35 other Maine artists.  The gallery is open daily 10-5.  Stable Gallery is located at 28 Water Street a block off Main Street in Damariscotta.  For more information, check out the gallery’s website, or call 563-1991. 

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