Current Exhibitions at Cove Street Arts

Current Exhibitions at Cove Street Arts in Portland

Lucile Evans Retrospective June 1 – August 10

Lucile Evans (1894-1993) was a fearless, emotionally complex, and extremely talented painter and printmaker who achieved an impressive career despite the marginalization and constraints faced by female artists of her generation. The exhibit spans five decades (1930s to 1970s) of this pioneering artist’s work.

Photographing Coastal Maine  June 1 – July 13

The current show features multiple works by each of 10 invited photographers, who come from Kittery to the Canadian border and all points in between. Though the work included is organized around a central theme, this exhibition boasts a great diversity of style, process, and subject matter and includes both well-established and up-and-coming photographers.

The Sartorial Self   June 1 – July 27

“The Sartorial Self,” is a group show exploring the intersection of fashion and identity. Displayed are works from Crystal Cawley, Andy Warhol, Fred Lynch, Gin Stone, and Lesia Sochor.

Other Artists on View

George Lloyd (Artist in Residence), Tom Hall, Michel Droge, John Bisbee, Bernard Langlais, Sean Alanzo Harris, Stephen Porter, Tim Christensen, and Tom Paiement

71 Cove Street Portland, Maine 04101 207.808.8911

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