Cove St. Arts Presents ‘Strange Histories’ by Ian Trask

‘Reforestation’ Ian Trask


Join us at the Opening Reception on July 18th from 5-7 for Ian Trask’s Strange Histories. The reception will be a great opportunity to talk to Trask about his process and narratives.  Strange Histories will be showing through September 13th.



Using vintage slides, Ian Trask creates his own stories. By combining found 35 mm slide photography, analog collage, and assemblage sculpture, Trask creates imaginative double-exposures that transcend the boundaries of time and experience resulting in “strange histories” – Michelangelo’s David presiding over a smorgasbord of Twinkies and other junk food; the Mona Lisa meeting the iconic Campbell’s soup can.

Trask has found “that without prompting, people would share how the collages sparked their imagination. And oftentimes the narratives and perspectives conjured in their heads differed significantly from my own experience of the work – in the best possible way.” Like any great story or history, the narrative is shaped by and understood through personal experience.



Come experience the show and conjure your own strange histories from Trask’s stunning images. Cove St. Arts is located at 71 Cove Street in Portland.

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