Kefauver Studio and Gallery Presents “Rock ‘n’ Wave”

“Leviathan Sounding,” Arizona rosewood, by Eric Bandurski

The “Rock ‘n’ Wave” art exhibition at Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, centers around Maine’s iconic coastline, with rocky shores and crashing surf.  Work will be presented in a variety of mediums, including oil, watercolor, sculpture, photography, gouache, and pastel.  The show features new work by oil painter Will Kefauver, and the work of his 28 juried guest artists. 

Four of the artists are new to the gallery with this show.  They are Eric Bandurski, Jenny Doyle, Gerd Koehler, and Bev Walker.

The returning guest artists are George Baker, Jane Bowman, Marcia Brandwein, Wolfgang Busse, Dale Dapkins, Steve Dunn, Chris Essler, Michael Fillyaw, Sandy Harper, Jennifer Hickey, Hannah Ineson, Deborah Kozak, Kathy Lane, Sally Loughridge, Penny Markley, Polly McGrory, Fran Scannell, Scott See, Rebecca Shorb, Chris Stump, Charlotte Thibault, Helen Warner, Gail Wartell, and Barbara Vanderbilt.

Bandurski lives in Waldoboro and this is his first time exhibiting at the gallery.  “Leviathan Sounding” is carved from Arizona rosewood, and shows a large whale poised to dive to the depths below. The whale is 32”, and stands on a base of olivewood. Bandurski describes the fascinating story behind the piece of wood used to create this stunning sculpture: “Arizona rosewood is an extremely rare, dense wood.  It’s usually a shrub but grows to tree size in one canyon in the Santa Catalina mountains outside Tucson, Arizona. Unfortunately, one of these ancient trees succumbed to a forest fire that roared through the canyon in the 1980’s. I was able to obtain some partly charred pieces. The charred area on one of these pieces suggested expansion grooves on the underbelly of a whale and the branching lent itself to the carving of the flukes.  In a way, the sculpture has given new life to the tree.“ 

 Bandurski has also submitted a carving of a shark called “Graceful Danger.”  This sculpture is 18” long, also carved from Arizona rosewood, and is set on a rosewood base.

“On the Rocks”, by Barbara Vanderbilt

The “Rock ‘n’ Wave” art exhibition runs until September 8th.The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is located at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10:00 – 6:30 daily. Will Kefauver can be reached at 207-226-0974,, or

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