Tapestry Show at Down East Gallery

Down East Gallery in Edgecomb Maine (www.downeastgallery.com) currently hosts an expansive and very impressive show of 30 New England tapestry artists that includes three of Sara Hotchkiss’s wall hangings. I urge you to see this unusual and artistic show.

Most of the work is 2-dimensional, woven in wool, cotton, silk, linen, and metallic fibers. The works range in subject from simple geometrics to human figures, interiors, complex fractal compositions of frozen ground, the natural world-all woven with various intention of literal to wholly abstract. 

Four Girls and an Apple Tangbe, Mustang Nepal Eve Pearce 50 x 46 inches

All the works in this display embody passion, perseverance and the passage of time. The very nature of making a tapestry from design to preparation to execution takes an incredible, sometimes unbelievable amount of time. In most cases the artists use fine threads in order to convey their artistic message and story.

The show is on view until August 31, Tuesday thru Saturday from 11 am to 4pm.

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