New Works at Local Color Gallery

Whitefish Filet by Conny Hatch, found object assemblage, 9”x30”

Local Color Gallery at 135 High Street in Belfast has 15 local artists on display. This month’s artist Conny Hatch will be featured. Hatch is a minimalist assemblage artist working primarily with wood and metal found objects. The reclaimed materials themselves are a main source of the artist’s inspiration. She is inspired by the work of Maine artist Bernard Langlais. She integrates each object into a work of art that often changes our perception of its utility. Hatch studied studio arts extensively, most notably under the sculptor Paul Bowen. She is a recipient of the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant.

Edge of Desire by Janake Howard, acrylic on board, 8”x8”

Also, featured this month is abstract painter Janake Howard. She explores theme in her work connected with her personal journey, particularly the emotional and spiritual nature of her inner life. The compositional use of the cross design that is often used in her work has a deep symbolic significance for her. She loves the sensuous nature of working with paint, and works very intuitively as the paintings evolve using the technique of layering with areas of thick paint applied with a palette knife.

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