Women in the Arts Holiday Pop-up at The Kelpie Gallery

Lilybells by Katharine Cartwright

The Kelpie Gallery in the ‘Weskeag Village of South Thomaston announces its Holiday show featuring 13 artists of the local group, Women in the Arts.

Susan Lewis Baines of The Kelpie Gallery is excited to feature and celebrate the works of these women artists and to support them in this dynamic local art culture.

Women in the Arts is a group of more than 20 female artists who gather throughout the year to discuss various art topics and to commune with each other with lively discussion and a meal. The groups’ goal is to share creative insights, support, and best business practices, bolstering each other and thereby building a more vibrant and diverse local arts economy.

The thirteen artists who will be showing at The Kelpie will be: Barbara Aras, Anne Bailey, Susan Lewis Baines, Katharine Cartwright, Sandra Mason Dickson, Carol Douglas, Lorraine Gill, Kris Johnson, Ann Sklar, Holly Smith, Jill Valliere, Sandy Weisman, and Carmella Yaeger

“We’re thrilled to celebrate and support the great work being done by Women in the Arts, and what better time than during the holidays? We invite everyone to join us for the opening reception, and to bring friends and family along throughout the season,” says Baines.

The show opens on Friday, November 29th and runs until December 24.

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