Greenhut Galleries: 10% off Gift Certificates

Chris Beneman ARCHITECTURAL CONSTRUCTION 1 $750 – 10% = $675


Based on the Governor’s new executive order, we will only be open by appointment for at least the next two weeks. To make an appointment, please shoot us an email ( We will soon provide updated information on our current and upcoming exhibition schedule.


Susan Barnes LEDGE $3,200 – 10% = $2,880


As always, you can shop our entire inventory on our website. However, since we know it can be difficult to buy art without seeing it in person first, we offer gift certificates as a way to provide much needed and appreciated help as we try to navigate this crisis.

As an incentive, gift certificates are currently 10% off (e.g., a $100 certificate for only $90).


Kathleen Galligan WATERFORMS $4,000 – 10% = $3,600


If you are in the market for art, but currently unable to make an appointment to come in, this is a great way to get 10% off your eventual purchase. The certificates do not expire and are transferable. Simply shoot us an email, and we’ll be in touch to complete the sale.

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