Tim Greenway’s Mackworth Island Transformed: Rocks Reimagined at Cove St. Arts

Give Up The Ghost To Most (2018)

Prompted by the current crisis, Cove St. Arts in Portland is trying something new: a virtual exhibition, complete with an accompanying video on our website: https://www.covestreetarts.com/exhibitions-1/mackworthislandtransformed

Tim Greenway’s Mackworth Island Transformed: Rocks Reimagined explores the transformation of space within the context of both the physical and the psychological.


What If I Forget How To Land (2018)


Using the popular location of the rock formations near the pier on Mackworth Island in Falmouth, Maine as his subject matter, Greenway captures imaginative landscapes by detailing the island’s geology.


Hippie Blood (2018)


Focusing on the micro-ecology and transforming the familiar coastline into an abstraction of color, texture, pattern, and form, Greenway’s photographs reimagine a recognizable setting, morphing the overarching space into detailed and abstracted images that reflect personal exploration as an escape from literal reality.

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