MMPA Antidote Aims to Inspire

Tillman Crane, “Easter Tree.”

The Maine Museum of Photographic Arts in Portland has begun to create online editions of what it calls MMPA Antidote. The museum publishes upbeat, positive and forward-looking posts that digitally feature the art and artists in Maine, as an antidote to the viral disruption by publishing.

“MMPA Antidote was inspired by the need to share ideas … while closed in and set apart,” says MMPA director Denise Froehlich. “Nature, beauty, nostalgia, travel and work seem to be our themes for our first issue. We will morph and shift with the information and artwork we receive.”

The mission of the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts is to inspire, engage and educate, through the exhibition, preservation and collection of photography, film, videography, installations and new media. The museum’s programs address contemporary, historical, cultural and conceptual themes through local, national and international exhibitions and public events. Our focus is on Maine’s vibrant community of photographic artists.

The issue can be viewed at

The museum encourages viewers to investigate the links, share the images and send some of your own.

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