‘Architecture’ Opens at Cove Street Arts

“Bicknell Building #2,” by Liv Kristin Robinson.

Architecture is the art of designing and constructing buildings. Perhaps due to the difficulty of that task, the term has also come to mean the complex or carefully designed structure of any object.

“Harpa Concert Hall Interior, Reykjavik, Iceland #3,” by Jean Noon.

Architecture was, therefore, the perfect, succinct title for the photography exhibition featuring David Clough, Jean Noon, Donald Peterson, Liv Kristin Robinson, Sarah Szwajkos and Brian Vanden Brink. Each artist’s photographs feature buildings as subjects, but the beauty and appeal of each photograph is not simply the subject itself. Instead, it is the carefully designed structure of each photograph bringing the architecture of the subject to life.

“Master of the Nets Moon Gate,” by David Clough.

The show runs June 11 through Aug. 15 at Cove Street Arts, 71 Cove St., Portland. Call 207-808-8911 or email info@covestreetarts.com for more information.

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