Archipelago Releases Do-It-Yourself Photography Video Series

Archipelago has released a three-part video series from photographer Michael O’Neil, who shares tips and best practices for beginner and advanced photographers alike.

The first two videos were “Do-It-Yourself Tabletop Photography for Artists and Makers” and “DIY Photography for Artists & Makers: Two-Dimensional Art.” With more people venturing outdoors, the last video in the series teaches on-location product photography. All videos are available on the Island Institute’s YouTube page.

“On Location: Natural Light Photography” shows three locations and gives suggestions for making the best of various situations. These kinds of images can really help you develop and strengthen your brand, stand out from other stores, and share your unique story better on your website and social media.

Maine has a unique feel and adding that aesthetic to your photography and marketing can complement your brand well. Providing your customers with a sense of a place, or referencing a favorite memory they may have of Maine, helps connect them with your product and is a great strategy to add into your marketing efforts.

Email Lisa Mossel Vietze, Archipelago director, at with any questions.

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