Artist Graham Walton exhibits paintings and woodblock prints at Salt Pond Studio

“Patience and Cresky,” by Graham Walton.

Curated by Friendship artist and gallery owner Pam Cabanas, this solo exhibition at at Salt Pond Studio features the high-color, high-energy paintings of Nobleboro artist Graham Walton, as well as a collection of his woodblock prints.

Walton is originally from midcoast Maine and currently residing in Nobleboro.

“It is impossible for me to verbally explain my love for the coast, and for Maine in general, which is why I paint,” he writes. “I draw endless inspiration from my books on Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse and the world of art history and contemporary art alike. Inspiration is never in short supply with so much beauty in the natural world, and so much brilliant artwork to be studied.”

Gallery hours are noon to 5 p.m. daily through July 16. For a private viewing, text Salt Pond Studio at 207-691-5787. The show is also available for online viewing at

Salt Pond Studio is at 522 Cushing Road in Friendship, at the corner of Route 97 and Salt Pond Road.

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