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Brick Store Museum show through Nov. 17

The Brick Store in Kennebunk is showing the work of Susan Barrett Merrill and Rosalind Fedeli for Homecoming, through Nov. 17.


AQUILARTadvisory Presents Works by Astrid Bowlby

Astrid Bowlby opening reception Nov 1st from 5 -7 pm at AQUILARTadvisory in Norway. Astrid contributed a colorful hand drawn piece contained in a petri dish to our previous exhibition: “ginormousMICRO”. Now you can see more of her thoughtful works in this engaging one person exhibit. Astrid Bowlby makes drawings, prints, sculptures, and installations. She received an MFA from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and a BFA from the University of Southern Maine. She has also attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and The Art Students League. Bowlby is the founder of Kindred: guided processes for artists and mentoring program for creative individuals.

Greenhut Galleries Opens for ‘Nancy Morgan: Tall Tales & Short Stories’

The Passenger, Oil on board, 25 x 28 inches

Greenhut Galleries in Portland, presents Tall Tales & Short Stories, a solo exhibition of 17 new oil paintings by Nancy Morgan Barnes. Tall Tales & Short Stories can be viewed from November 2-30 with an opening reception held on November 2 from 5-7 and artist’s talk on November 16 at 1:00. 

Barnes is a skilled and delightfully quirky storyteller, leading the viewer through narratives that are rarely what they initially seem. Her work, which is characterized by the explicit rendering or order and chaos, is often humorous, frequently with a dark(ish) twist. But make no mistake — despite the artist’s joyful irreverence and attraction to offbeat subject matter, Nancy Morgan Barnes is an extremely dedicated and extremely accomplished painter.  Portland Press Herald art critic, Daniel Kany has written: “The painting is gorgeous in every way.  Morgan-Barnes paints beautifully and builds up unusually luscious surfaces — painted, scraped, sanded, glazed, and finally varnished.  Her technique, patience and craftsmanship deliver something rarely seen, since the 19th century….”  

A sampling of titles from Nancy’s new body of work — The Reluctant Hunter, Eros Tames the Tiger, and Citgo Station — foreshadow the witty and eccentric storylines the paintings reveal. The artist’s statement appears below:

Book and magazine illustration continues to fascinate and inspire me. I have always found this type of clear and fun storytelling engaging. Since narrative painting is visual and not literal, it allows for a more open and less specific description of an event or an idea. As with most images without an accompanying text, the viewer steps in with their own interpretation. By retelling shared stories of fables and fairy tales, I am hoping I can create an image that suggests that we are the same now as then, though most of the work in this particular exhibition is not the retelling of old stories, but are rather paintings of my own invention. I move between an actual source to photographic references to find the imagery I need. Starting with an idea, the process is fluid and changing until the original concept fades and the painting itself begins to guide me. The process is always surprising and mysterious.  

Nancy Morgan Barnes was born in South Bend, Indiana. She earned an undergraduate degree from St. Mary’s College in 1968, and a graduate degree from Indiana University, Bloomington in 1971. She has taught at DePauw University and the Indiana University, Bloomington. Barnes has won numerous merit awards and prizes, including a Good Idea Grant from the Maine Arts Commission. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Indiana University Art Museum and Indiana State Museum.

Cove Street Art Presents ‘Paperwork’

Join Cove St. Arts for the opening reception of: Paperwork. The exhibition, curated by Bruce Brown, features works on paper by four artists: Karen Adrienne, Kathleen Florance, Frank Mauceri, and Munira Naqui.

Working on paper offers a freedom and delicate immediacy that can result in a direct outpouring of creativity. Often a substrate for studies and experiments, paper offers its own techniques, aesthetics, and modes of art-making.

To highlight and celebrate these possibilities, all of the works in the exhibition are abstractions; works of four artists focused on form, technique, and color (or lack thereof). Karen Adrienne flattens nature into planes of color, mark, and movement, while exploring the properties of the actual paper by folding or embossing it. Each of Kathleen Florance’s works is a dance “guided by line, charmed by color,” as marks create structure across the paper. Frank Mauceri engages the problem of designing systems, writing computer code to output visuals with the paper capturing the often surprising “traces” of such systems. While some of Mauceri’s work visually mimics existing language systems, Munira Naqui’s work seeks to create a new visual language in dialogue with the viewer, reductive in nature using the play of line, space, and color to engage. The four artists employ painting, drawing, monotypes, and computer print processes to explore exciting, contemporary uses of one of our oldest materials for conveying thought and emotion.

Markings Gallery Opens for “Tracking Spirit”

Nancy Marstaller

Markings Gallery, 50 Front St., Bath, ME, is pleased to present “Tracking Spirit,” an exhibit of shamanic fiber art by Nancy Marstaller, Susan Mills and Sara Palumbo for the months of October and November 2019. Their work is inspired by nature and the spirit world, and uniquely expressed through felted vessels, elementals, wall hangings and hand-painted fabric flag strings. Tracking Spirit opens on Monday, October 21st with an artist talk and reception on Friday, October 25th at 5:30pm.
Nancy, Susan and Sara stepped through a doorway into an unseen world of deeper meaning and imagination at a young age. Their fascination with nature has been woven through their lives and manifests in their artistic work today.


Sara Palumbo

Their work is inspired by nature and the spirit world, and uniquely expressed through felted vessels, elementals, wall hangings and hand-painted fabric flag strings. 

Susan Mills

Nancy Marstaller grew up spending much time outdoors exploring the land and playing in the woods near her home. She recalls, “Creating villages of stick figures with twig homes, libraries full of bark books, stores filled with berries and acorns.” This explorative and creative spirit continues to inspire her work today. A few years ago she noticed that more and more people seemed to be taking in and often overwhelmed by negative news and ideas, even though there is so much good in the world. She started making flag strings inspired by images from nature: “ I imagine seeing these flag strings fluttering in the breeze and sending out positive energy- as a way to counteract the negativity.” Nancy works with watercolor, pencils, collage, printing, and fabric. Her prints on fabric are inspired by what she sees, dreams, and how she wants to dance in the world.
Susan Mills remembers, “One day when I was a little girl playing in the woods outside my home, I found three bird feathers and tied them onto a tree with some sticks and leaves. I stared at my installation for a while, transfixed by its beauty and the ritual I had performed to set it apart from nature.” She continues to live in that sense of ritual today. Her artistic work is her way of recording her inner journey and embodies her search for a new myth and metaphor. Susan believes that “in healing the split between our inner and outer worlds, our bodies and souls, we heal both ourselves and our planet.” Susan believes we are all individuals, yet all connected. And when one of us takes a journey, it affects us all. Her most current work represents the four worlds, Upper, Middle, Lower and Dream. She portrays the Upper World in blacks and whites, the Middle in browns and gold, the Lower in volcanic reds and greens and the Dream in blues.
Sara Palumbo grew up camping with her parents and would sit for hours communing with the salamanders, crafting imaginary villages in the moss and floating in the creek. “I was mentally collecting and cataloging nature’s treasures. I spoke with the spirit of each piece of nature I encountered, creating my own language and understanding that there is life in everything.” Sara spent much of her childhood living in this enchanted vibration filled with stories and glimpses of an otherworldliness that she could never express in words or through her hands until she found felting. Each of her felted pieces is a unique, one-of-a-kind wall hanging. They are abstract in nature, and Sara sees them as living beings in the world. Co-creating them is a heart-centered practice for her. She feels blessed to be able to express her personal shamanic experiences and teachings in these tangible forms.
Join us for a magical evening on Friday, October 25th at 5:30pm for a gallery talk and opening reception with Susan Mills, Nancy Marstaller and Sara Palumbo!
Admission is free, and refreshments will be served.
More information about these artists can be found at, and

Tracking Spirit opens on Monday, October 21 with an artist talk and reception on Friday, October 25 at 5:30pm.  Admission is free, and refreshments will be served.

Kefauver Studio & Gallery Opens for “Small Works”

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, announces the opening of the “Small Works” art show, opening October 11th and running until November 10th.  Work will be presented in a variety of mediums, including oil, watercolor, sculpture, photography, gouache, and pastel. The show features new work by oil painter Will Kefauver, and the work of his juried guest artists. 

Guest artist John McKinley lives in California and is new to the gallery with this show.  In addition to being a fine artist, he is also a children’s book illustrator, having illustrated the popular “Ready Freddy” series for elementary students, published by Scholastic, that now has over 13 million copies in print. Past clients include Children’s Television Workshop, the National Wildlife Federation, the Los Angeles Times, and Ogilvy & Mather, to name just a few.  

McKinley has seven mixed-media works, each 6” x 6” or 7” x 5”, in the “Small Works” show.  The subjects include dogs, cats, and one compelling dragon, with one thing in common: Each animal has a piercing gaze, focused directly on the viewer.  

 The complete list of guest artists for this show will be published on a future date.

 The opening reception will be held on Sunday, October 13th, from 4:30 – 6:30.  Refreshments will be served, and there is free parking. Many of the guest artists will be present to meet visitors and discuss their work. 


The Sohn’s Gallery Presents Works by Jon Taner

The Sohns Gallery, located in The Rock & Art Shop at 36 Central Street in Bangor, presents Collage Works by Jon Taner . 

Jon Taner recently moved back to the area to be part of the Bangor art scene. He was born and raised in New Jersey. His studied at the Art Students League in New York City. He obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts and his Master of Fine Arts from Syracuse University where he was awarded a Ford Foundation Grant.

When describing his works Taner says “I have used shape, color and scale to create a sense of things both strange and familiar; to flavor the known with the unknown; and give to the viewer a sense of discovery amid scenes and objects. This intriguing ambiguity for the viewer is a result of their memory, abstraction of the natural world, surrealist images, and the melding of all these things into a subjective interpretation. Painting is as much an act of discovery for me as it is for the viewer. The fulfillment from the act of creating both individual and collective works of art is more satisfying the less predictable my paths, and more surprising my destinations.”  Jon Taner’s works are a true delight to the eye and a must see in person. 

The show runs through Oct. 5th and can be viewed any day between 10am and 6pm in The Rock & Art Shop. A closing reception will be held on October 4th at 6:30, Artist Talk at 7.

New Works at Hole in the Wall Studioworks

Hole In The Wall Studioworks, in Raymond will be celebrating Columbus Weekend with an exhibition by  Holly Berry, Marguerite Lawler, Molly Mains and Wendy A. Newcomb. The public is invited to the reception on Saturday, Oct. 12th, from 6-8pm. The exhibit will run through Nov. 18, 2019. 

Gallery hours:  Mon. to Sat. 10:00 to 5:30 and Sun. 10:30 to 5:00

Dowling Walsh Gallery hosting three exhibitions for October

Tollef Runquist, Carrying Cake, 2019, Oil on canvas, 54″ x 60″


Dowling Walsh Gallery will host three exhibitions in the month of October for Tollef Runquist, Sarah McRae Morton, and Reggie Burrows Hodges

Opening Friday, October 4th from 5-8pm in conjunction with Rockland First Friday Art Walk.

Tollef Runquist

Tollef Runquist received his B.A. in Studio Art from Dickinson College in 2002. Since then he has been continuing his education through painting and other mediums. He lives and works in Searsport, Maine. He has had solo exhibitions at Taylor Gallery, Meriden, NH; Ober Gallery, Kent, CT; and OK Harris, New York, NY; among others. Runquist looks at a wide range of artists as inspiration including Richard Diebenkorn, Monet, De Kooning, Gauguin, Bonnard, Rothko, Sargent, Gordon Grant, Gerhard Richter, Hopper, Homer, Klimt and Egon Schiele.

Runquist states, “Painting for me is an undertaking of appreciation and inquiry. It is a means by which to engage the beauty and mystery of visual experience in an ongoing dialogue. This is a widening puzzle; as I partake in this conversation, it continually refreshes itself, revealing unexpected angles and new understanding. I feel no particular loyalty to realism or my own past work. I set to draw out a particular vision as long as my experience with it is visceral, attentive and useful. I try to encapsulate the fullness of my experience of a moment; weight and stillness, burning edges, massive calm. These move me towards a particular subject, I try to paint and honor them, and then move on.”


Sarah McRae Morton, The Half Life of Luck, Frank Morley Fletcher Twist Morton in the Clover, Oil on line, 60″ x 60″


Sarah McRae Morton

Sarah McRae Morton grew up in rural Lancaster County Pennsylvania, where she still keeps a hayloft studio above the horse stalls in her family’s barn. Sarah attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania. She has studied chemical composition of paintings in Rome as well as studied with Odd Nerdrum in Norway. Sarah received a Mattisse Foundation fellowship for her work on the local history of West Virginia, and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Her work has been exhibited across the country, including at the Vermont Studio Center. She currently lives and paints in Cologne, Germany.

Sarah McRae Morton’s paintings are invented portraits of her ancestors and historical figures – people from her own life, from books and paintings, and from her travels and stories learned. The events and people illustrated are not bound by time or fact, but are imbued with ghosts and artifacts from cross sections of history. Sarah’s work is wildly romantic, with an earthy palate and energetic movement around the canvas that quiets on key moments – detailed renderings of the face of a bear, the lips of a lover, the fox stole around a poet’s neck. The paintings seem to flicker to life with her spirited brush strokes.


Reggie Burrows Hodges, First Serve, Hands Behind Your Back, Acrylic on canvas, 58″ x 84″


Reggie Burrows Hodges

Reggie Burrows Hodges is a narrative figurative painter whose work centers around visual metaphor and storytelling. He works primarily large-scale on raw canvas, wood and rag paper with acrylic and pastel — exploring themes such as identity, truth, surveillance, and often childhood memories. As method, Hodges paints from a black ground, developing the environment around the figure so it emerges from its surroundings, examining the possibility that we are all products of our environment.

Hodges attended the University of Kansas studying theatre and film. He is currently an adjunct professor at the Maine College of Art teaching Cinematic Storytelling, Character Design and Professional Studio Development in Animation and Game Arts. Hodges has been the recipient of numerous artist residencies including the Ellis- Beauregard Foundation, Stephen Pace House and Monson Arts.


Dowling Walsh Gallery is located at 365 Main Street in Rockland, Maine, directly across from the Farnsworth Art Museum. Gallery Hours, Tuesday through Saturday from 10am – 5pm, and by appointment on Sunday and Monday.

For more information, visit us online at  or call 207-596-0084

Cynthia Winings Gallery opening for “Reverant Outcomes”

Image: M P Landis, Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 16 inches

Cynthia Winings Gallery Presents “Reverant Outcomes”  a group exhibition with an Opening Reception: Sunday September 22 4 – 7PM

With New Work for Season VII from:
Louise Bourne Josephine Burr Tom Curry David Hornung Christine Lafuente Joanna Logue Buzz Masters Bill Mayher Libby Mitchell Carol Pelletier Jerry Rose Lari Washburn. And in the New Sculpture Garden: Ray Carbone Rebekah Raye Melita Westerlund and John Wilkinson! The Cynthia Winings Gallery is pleased to present the fifth group exhibition of the season  Reverent Outcomes. Everyone is warmly invited to the Opening Reception Sunday September 22 4 – 7 PM. On view  September 17 – October 14