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Markings Gallery Opens for “Tracking Spirit”

Nancy Marstaller

Markings Gallery, 50 Front St., Bath, ME, is pleased to present “Tracking Spirit,” an exhibit of shamanic fiber art by Nancy Marstaller, Susan Mills and Sara Palumbo for the months of October and November 2019. Their work is inspired by nature and the spirit world, and uniquely expressed through felted vessels, elementals, wall hangings and hand-painted fabric flag strings. Tracking Spirit opens on Monday, October 21st with an artist talk and reception on Friday, October 25th at 5:30pm.
Nancy, Susan and Sara stepped through a doorway into an unseen world of deeper meaning and imagination at a young age. Their fascination with nature has been woven through their lives and manifests in their artistic work today.


Sara Palumbo

Their work is inspired by nature and the spirit world, and uniquely expressed through felted vessels, elementals, wall hangings and hand-painted fabric flag strings. 

Susan Mills

Nancy Marstaller grew up spending much time outdoors exploring the land and playing in the woods near her home. She recalls, “Creating villages of stick figures with twig homes, libraries full of bark books, stores filled with berries and acorns.” This explorative and creative spirit continues to inspire her work today. A few years ago she noticed that more and more people seemed to be taking in and often overwhelmed by negative news and ideas, even though there is so much good in the world. She started making flag strings inspired by images from nature: “ I imagine seeing these flag strings fluttering in the breeze and sending out positive energy- as a way to counteract the negativity.” Nancy works with watercolor, pencils, collage, printing, and fabric. Her prints on fabric are inspired by what she sees, dreams, and how she wants to dance in the world.
Susan Mills remembers, “One day when I was a little girl playing in the woods outside my home, I found three bird feathers and tied them onto a tree with some sticks and leaves. I stared at my installation for a while, transfixed by its beauty and the ritual I had performed to set it apart from nature.” She continues to live in that sense of ritual today. Her artistic work is her way of recording her inner journey and embodies her search for a new myth and metaphor. Susan believes that “in healing the split between our inner and outer worlds, our bodies and souls, we heal both ourselves and our planet.” Susan believes we are all individuals, yet all connected. And when one of us takes a journey, it affects us all. Her most current work represents the four worlds, Upper, Middle, Lower and Dream. She portrays the Upper World in blacks and whites, the Middle in browns and gold, the Lower in volcanic reds and greens and the Dream in blues.
Sara Palumbo grew up camping with her parents and would sit for hours communing with the salamanders, crafting imaginary villages in the moss and floating in the creek. “I was mentally collecting and cataloging nature’s treasures. I spoke with the spirit of each piece of nature I encountered, creating my own language and understanding that there is life in everything.” Sara spent much of her childhood living in this enchanted vibration filled with stories and glimpses of an otherworldliness that she could never express in words or through her hands until she found felting. Each of her felted pieces is a unique, one-of-a-kind wall hanging. They are abstract in nature, and Sara sees them as living beings in the world. Co-creating them is a heart-centered practice for her. She feels blessed to be able to express her personal shamanic experiences and teachings in these tangible forms.
Join us for a magical evening on Friday, October 25th at 5:30pm for a gallery talk and opening reception with Susan Mills, Nancy Marstaller and Sara Palumbo!
Admission is free, and refreshments will be served.
More information about these artists can be found at, and

Tracking Spirit opens on Monday, October 21 with an artist talk and reception on Friday, October 25 at 5:30pm.  Admission is free, and refreshments will be served.

Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC Presents “Vintage”

Boating Group, Katherine Mead-von Huene

Please help us welcome Guest Artist Katherine Mead-von Huene at a Wine & Cheese Reception at Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC at 11 Centre Street, Bath, on Friday, August 30, 2019 from 5:00  to 7:00 pm.

Kat’s exhibit is titled “Vintage”.  The paintings were inspired by her grandmother’s antique photographs and table linens.  The exhibit runs until October 18, 2019.

“I have been drawing and painting since I was a child, encouraged by my artistic mother.  Some training took place in art schools in Boston and Philadelphia and much was just learning by doing. Enrollment in an architectural program in Philadelphia satisfied my love of detail and drawing.  For years, most of my work was watercolor, but lately, I have been concentrating on working in oils and acrylics. The limited palette of black and white, such as charcoal and pencil can be as satisfying as color.

Almost Spring, Katherine Mead-von Huene

Recently I have been drawing inspiration from old black and white photos of my grandmother’s and vintage decorated linens.  The photos are very small and I find that, by enlarging them and adding color, the past can be brought into the present and I can better enter my grandmother’s world.  Vintage linens offer a charm lost to modern, mass produced products and their designs enhance my appreciation of the amazing skills of women of past generations. I never know what will come next, as far as subjects for paintings, but that is part of the adventure.”

Green Lion Gallery Presents “Richard William Blanchard: Northernscapes”

Northernscape #4- 24″ x 14”, oil and acrylic paste on canvas


Green Lion Gallery in bath is showing works by Richard William Blanchard.  Richard grew up in Winthrop, and found opportunities to develop his creative inclinations at the University of Maine in Augusta while he was still in high school.  He continued through his university career, working as a sculptor and performance artist as well as honing his skills as the painter and visual artist he’s become professionally.  He now divides his time between Maine and Los Angeles, and the Green Lion is fortunate enough that he’s spending some of his time this summer on a show of his paintings here.


Northernscape #7 – 32″ x 40”, oil and acrylic paste on canvas


Blanchard’s show is entitled “Northernscapes”, and offers us a vision of the landscape of Maine and some of the feelings and images that unite it with other landscapes of the northern world.  His paintings are intuitive constructions, combining and sometimes breaking up skies, suns, moons, trees, and planes of color into landscapes that are at once abstract and yet grounded in the realities of our particular landforms.  As he says, “The rawness of the textural landscapes of Maine is constantly an inspiration. The unmanicured ground, the pine trees and the constant change of the weather stirs an internal mood. In an abstract way, I am consumed by that presence and I want to convey that in my work”.

With over 35 years of painting behind him now, Richard Blanchard has created a canon of techniques with a luminous and subtle color palette and layered, textural brushwork encompassing hemispheres and cosmic planes and bridging them in a unified vision with the trees, houses, stars, heavens and animals of the world around us.  His work has been shown in many galleries on both coasts, including (in Maine) at Aucoscisco gallery in Portland and at Thomas Moser in Freeport. His show at the Green Lion features new work created for the occasion, as well as some smaller work not seen locally before. 

There will be an opening reception at the gallery on Friday, August 16 from 4 to 7 pm, on the Bath Art Walk.  The show will be on display through September 15.

Marking’s Gallery Presents Jo Digg’s “Bright Learnings”

If you have visited Markings Gallery in Bath, no doubt you have seen the fascinating fabric landscapes of Jo Diggs. Some are almost recognizable scenes while others are reminiscent of a dream… not quite real, yet so familiar. Jo has devoted over 60 years to fabric and art and has been teaching since the 1960’s. There’s still time to see Jo’s August Show- Bright Leanings. It features her current work, distinctly different from what she’s showed in the past. Learn more about Jo Diggs at Visit to learn more about Markings Gallery.

Markings Gallery Presents Works by Jo Diggs


Markings Gallery, 50 Front St., Bath, ME, is pleased to present an exhibit of appliqué art quilts by Portland fiber artist Jo Diggs for the month of August. Jo Diggs has always cut, stitched and loved fabric. She is best known for landscapes of great depth, distance and light that express feelings of quiet and serenity. Jo’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally since the 1960s and was featured at the Vermont Quilt Festival in June 2013 in an exhibit of 50+ works titled “Life’s Work: The Quilts of Jo Diggs”. The majority of Jo’s current production is matted and framed appliqué landscapes; all of her appliqué is beautifully hand-stitched. The landscapes rely heavily on hand-dyed fabrics, which Jo collects from many fabric artists including her favorite artist, Mickey Lawler of Skydyes.

It is a joy to listen when Jo speak about her life’s journey in the creative and very unique art of appliqué quilts. Please join us on Thursday, August 8th at 6 p.m. for a gallery talk with Jo Diggs. 

Admission is free, and refreshments will be served.

For more information on this fiber artist and teacher, visit

Markings Gallery Presents “Colors That Don’t Go Together (And Other Crimes)”

Hector Jaeger, Markings Gallery

Markings Gallery in Bath is pleased to present Colors That Don’t Go Together (And Other Crimes)

exhibit by local fiber artist, Hector Jaeger. His hand-dyed and crafted rugs will be displayed during the

month of July with an artist talk and reception on Thursday, July 11 at 6p.m.


In this exhibition Jaeger expresses his masterful construction of the traditional and functional object of

the flat-woven rug, while at the same time using that object as a platform for exploring color and

challenging assumptions about what a hand-woven rug should be. Hector sees himself as “an agent of

color, responding to, rather than directing, the evolving design.” Jaeger has developed and expanded on

an exaggerated slit-weave technique that allows him a wide range of color compositions. His work is

driven by this challenge and by his desire to allow others to experience a familiar object in a new light.

Markings Gallery is located at 50 Front Street, Bath, and is open from 10:00 – 5:00pm daily. For more

information about Markings Gallery, its artists and events visit:

Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC Presents “Life by the River”

“May” by Joanna Pool

Please help us welcome Guest Artist Joanna Pool and her “Life by the River” works at a Wine & Cheese Reception at Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC at 11 Centre Street, Bath, on Friday, July 5, 2019 from 5:00  to 7:00 pm.  Her work will be shown until August 23. 

Joanna’s work in this show is her series Life by the River which she created midway into 2016 and into the summer of 2017.  She says “During this period of time I was in treatment for cancer…surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Making art, connecting with the aliveness in nature gave my painting practice a sense of deep meaning and urgency.  The experience of the changing seasons, weather, the Bath Bridge in particular, plant life surviving the harsh weather and once again showing up in the garden, the moving river, trees, flowers and rocks appeared in some manner in my work.”

“As my current mentor Nancy Hillis, an artist from California, states and I paraphrase “the life of an artist and the art of life entwine.”  When we step on this path with our fears and doubts and our courage we can say we are living the Hero’s or Heroine’s journey.”

Joanna Pool M.A. CPC lives in Bath where she maintains a private practice as a  Certified Professional Life coach while living her lifelong passion for study and painting.  Over the last 40 years, she has had the privilege of studying with a number of artists such as Roy Levin at Vermont College, Adriana Diaz and M.C. Richards at The Institute for Creation Centered Spirituality in California, classes at the Farnsworth with Anne Aveliotis Rowe, Shawn McNiff at Interface in Cambridge, and many others at MECA and USM.

Her work can be found in private collections in Maine, Maryland, Delaware and California.

Gallery is open during July and August Monday through Saturday from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm, Sunday 12:00 to 4:00 pm.  Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC is an artist-owned business open year-round.​

Markings Gallery kicks off 2019’s ArtWalk season Friday

Kris Sandoy “Beyond I,” at Markings Gallery


Markings Gallery in Bath kicks off 2019’s ArtWalk season Friday, June 21, from 4 to 7pm, with a show of new felted work by Kristi Sandoy. Trek Botanica celebrates Sandoy’s architectural wool felt wall hangings. In this exhibition Kris expresses her sense of place and her connection to living by the sea through a series of botanical images and impressions of water. Using natural materials, she pays tribute to the rich and ancient felt craft of the Eastern Steppes where felt’s uses were both utilitarian and decorative.

Markings Gallery, Bath, announces the opening of Trek Botanica: A Contemporary Expression of an Ancient Craft art show. The architectural wool felt wall hangings of Kirsti Sandoy, a local fiber artist, will be displayed during the month of June and featured at Bath’s ArtWalk on Friday, June 21, from 4 to 7pm.

In this exhibition Ms. Sandoy expresses her sense of place and her connection to living by the sea through a series of botanical images and impressions of water. Using natural materials, wool from a variety of sheep breeds, silk, flax and hemp, she develops textures and color by stitching pieces with silk and cotton thread. This recent work, largely created during the last two years, spans both size and color ranging from monochromatic to vibrant. Although many contemporary techniques are used to achieve textures and depth, Sandoy’s work remains focused on achieving a high quality of felt textile. Through this focus, she pays tribute to the rich and ancient felt craft of the Eastern Steppes where felt’s uses were both utilitarian and decorative.

Kirsti Sandoy has been a fiber artist for the better part of forty years. She got her start as a weaver and twenty years ago was introduced to feltmaking. The art form immediately drew her in. “I fell in love with the wet felting process and possibility of creating seamless sculptures,” Sandoy says.

Sandoy has studied with fiber artists in the US and from around the world including artists from Germany, Japan, Australia, Norway, Iceland, The Netherlands, Turkey, Canada and the UK.

Markings Gallery is located at 50 Front Street, Bath, and is open from 10:00 – 5:00pm daily. Learn more about Kristi Sandoy’s work at For more information about Markings Gallery, its artists and events visit:


Birds are Back at Markings Gallery


Artic Terns by Wayne Robbins


Osprey sitting attentively in their wondrous nests…. robins and cardinals intently looking and calling for mates… herons and egrets negotiating the edges of swollen ponds and rivers…..

The birds are back and provide endless variations of interpretation for many artists at Markings Gallery and an exciting focus for the month of May.

In the words of Abigail Robbins,  “Birds are amazing.  I watch them endlessly, their shapes, their flight patterns, their living habits.  Looking at birds with their gestures and body language, gives me infinite inspiration for sculptural forms.

I find the medium of papier mache versatile. I can shape and reshape until I am satisfied that the sculpture is close to the idea I have in my head.”  Abigal’s sculptures capture the essential elements in her birds; the owl, the crow, and the raptor.

Wayne Robbins (no relation to Abigail) is well known for his wood carvings of the birds that inhabit Maine’s woods, fields and marine environment.  Working with a diverse variety of woods, such as linden, butternut, and walnut, Wayne carefully selects just the right piece to carve Puffins, Auks, Terns, Screech Owls, Sea Ducks, and Chickadees, to name just a few.  Some of his carvings are hand stained to enhance the colorings and markings of each species.  Many hours and thoughtful observation go into these sculptures.

Sue Stasiowski brings her unique artistry with needle felting to create marvelous interpretations of a wide range of birds.  A little Oriole’s orange coloring has such depth because of the unique way Sue has for combining multiple colors of fiber. That orange is made of a masterful blend of yellows and several shades of orange.  The mixing on his wings is a painterly mix of black, white and wisps of orange.

Several other artists at Marking’s Gallery incorporate birds into their repertoire—

Janice Wright with her fierce eyed herons on relief tiles and painted bowls, Kirsty Sandoy’s felted bird ornaments, Carolyn Judson’s expressive clay birds, Nan Kilbourn-Tara’s delightful small tile bird paintings.

Marking’s Gallery, 50 Front St., Bath, Maine

Gallery hours Thursday thru Monday 10am to 5pm (Sunday 10am to 4pm) closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC features Guest Artist Leslie Woods

Leslie Woods, Advice


Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC invites the public to a Wine & Cheese Reception to open the new show featuring Guest Artist Leslie Woods, on Friday, May 10, 2019, from 5 to 7 pm, at 11 Centre Street in Bath.  Admission is free and light refreshments will be served.

Painter Leslie Woods says “I paint figures, because I am passionate about composition, and bodies are my design elements. Muscles are maps of their actions, and bones create patterns. Hands and feet indicate specific activity , and I love to emphasize their lift, fall, and twist.

“People have always been easy for me, so I quickly desired more complexity than the static poses of figure classes. While I can draw and paint portraits, I prefer to apply hats and shadows, because well-done head and body placements convey expression without distractions. I want anyone to see self, relatives, or friends in my work.

“Sport permits my love of brilliant color, which I temper to accommodate my somewhat cubist, color-block style. I enjoy the demanding puzzle-making of color changes based upon light, motion, and my artistic vision.

“All of my paintings require multiple photos, drawings, research into anatomy books, and an understanding of the subject. I want an entire work to present kinetic energy and attitude thru my carefully crafted composition.”

Centre St Arts Gallery, LLC, is artist-owned and operated, open year-round.  Spring hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. For more information please call 207-442-0300 or visit the website: