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Small Wonder Gallery wins Best Gallery again

Thank you to everyone who voted – we won Best Gallery again!
As always, we’re thankful for your support: We’ll celebrate 35 years in 2019!
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Camden Falls Gallery presents “The Artist’s Journey”

Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to announce our final show of the 2018 season “The Artist’s Journey”, featuring Taddeus Retz. The show runs from Sept 11th -28th, 2018.



Tad Painting in the Winter



Since graduating high school in 2015, Taddeus Retz has been in pursuit of his personal muse. Chasing the light and painting by day, he studies masterworks by night. Primarily self-taught, this young artist is consumed by a passion to paint.



The Cliffs by the Lighthouse, Taddeus Retz, Oil On Board, 8 x 12 inches, $850

Retz is inspired by 20th Century Impressionism and Realism. His eyes and interests are drawn to anything painted from life. It is not always the subject matter that captures his interest, but the way light reacts to the objects and the environment. According to Retz, “I am inspired by past artists such as John Sargent, George Bellows, and Winslow Homer.  Being able to capture the essence of a scene with deliberate, expressive brush strokes ignites the drive in me. I believe the most successful paintings in this style were the result of studying in the natural environment.”


Pratt Falls NY, Taddeus Retz, Oil On Panel, 16 x 24 inches, $4400



Retz captures and records the values that he sees on to his substrate, ranging from board panels that he personally sizes, to illustration board. Per Retz, “I would say the biggest change since I began is the quantity of paint applied now. I don’t try to conserve as much as I used to and it is liberating. I also take more risks in pursuit of learning about the materials and fundamentals of picture-making in general. I’ll push colors towards a crazy harmony or paint on cardboard just to see what happens. I’ve found all the rules we hear about applying paint and the “steps” you should take are helpful to know, but I like forgetting about all of it sometimes. Creating with the free mindset I had before I knew the things to and not to do.” He would use anything as a substrate if given the opportunity, which originates back to his inherent passion to paint, design, and experiment.



Acadia Shores, Taddeus Retz, Oil On Board, 8×12 incehs, $850



Tad pushes the boardaries of colors around his canvas, and pulls everything together by using the primary colors he started with. He notes that “Starting and finishing a painting on location is how I like to work. Plein air painting requires that I work efficiently and make minimal mistakes. Reproducing a scene exactly how it appears is a challenge that constantly motivates me, and one that continually informs my work.”

For artists looking at Retz’s work, it is his “unerring sense of design, color, and markmaking” that makes his work so compelling to his audience. It is also with Retz’s firm belief to paint from life that imbues his work with expressive energy and life.



Waves Crashing at Ocean Point Maine, Taddeus Retz, Acrylic On Board, 7 x 10.5 inches, $1100


As we close our summer season for 2018,  it is our overwhelming pleasure to introduce to Maine this young talented emerging artist. This hanging opens this young artist’s career up as his first solo show. Come and be immersed in Tad’s ongoing pursuit of art. Enjoy his interpretations of our landscape as he captures the interaction of water on our rugged coast in Maine light, be it crisp and bright, or filtered through morning mists and fog. Stop by the gallery and enjoy these works by this wonderfully passionate painter, as he starts his journey on what promises to be an incredible art career.

Camden Falls Gallery is located on the Public Landing in Camden, ME. The gallery is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm  throughout the season. For more information, please contact us at 207-470-7027 or

Camden Falls Gallery announces “DEWAARD AND MCPHILLIPS”

Afternoon In Camden, by Ken DeWaard (Painted for our Camden Classics Plein Air July 2018)

Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to announce our 4th show of the 2018 season, “DEWAARD AND MCPHILLIPS”, runs from Aug 13 to Aug 26, 2018.

Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to announce our 4th show of the 2018 season, Dewaard & McPhillips. Ken Dewaard and Jonathan McPhillips are equally accomplished in studio design work focusing on Coastal New England, as well as working en Plein Air. Both artists have placed and received top honors and awards in some of the nations most prestigious Plein Air competitions and shows. Their works are part of many corporate and public collections across the U.S.A., Russia, China, and shown around the world in the U.S.Dept. of State “Art in the Embassies” Program.

Within this past year Ken Dewaard has received the Charles Movalli Award at Cape Ann Plein Air, MA.; Best Hospitality Award at Easton Plein Air, MD., and this past July, he had the highest sale bid for his painting “Evening At The Farm”, at Cape Elizabeth Land Trust, ME. Having spent hours and days at the head of Camden Harbor doing color sketches, drawing, and photographing the spring outfitting of the schooners, Ken has returned to his studio to incorporate these plein air studies with studio design work, as if he were channeling or following after Edgar Alwyn Payne’s marine painting style.

Ken describes his work as follows; “My style isn’t exactly loose but more of a definitely placed stroke be it a suggested stroke, not trying to give all of the detail but enough to where the viewer can finish the story in their mind and through their experiences. The term bravura is used when something is more confidently placed. Think of it as mark making. Making a mark or a note of color and standing behind it, not a lot of fussing around with it alla Renoir but more directly placed, not happenchance. Design is incredibly important to me. To tell a story through my work and lead the viewer around the painting and then back to the focal point. Having a narrative.”

Head of the Harbor, by Jonathan McPhillips (Painted for our Camden Classics Plein Air July 2018)

Jonathan McPhillips is one of the “ New American Luminists”. He has the ability to capture the light, the air, and the distinct atmosphere in his landscape and marine paintings. Known for the impressionistic radiance in daybreak and dusk paintings, his ability to capture the shimmering glow of flickering lights in his nocturnes is most impressive. Jonathan has found his focus in a form of realism that he describes as “ Contemporary Impressionism”. “Chasing the available light and air in our surroundings is what drives me to paint. I hope to achieve atmospheric effects with an impressionistic style, tempered by a touch of realism and draftsmanship. Painting large and small, indoors and out, I find that a multifaceted approach to studying and practicing allows me to achieve a unique quality in my work”

In 2017, Johnathan’s work was exhibited in the Laguna Plein Air Painters “Best of Plein Air” Juried Exhibition, CA.; the Modern Marine Masters Exhibition in Mystic, CT., and the Maritime Gallery 38th Juried International Marine Art Exhibition also at Mystic, CT. In 2018, Jonathan won the Gene Magazine award for traditional oil at the Salmagundi Clubs 134 Annual Members Exhibition, NYC; and became a signature member of the American Impressionist Society.

Both artists, despite their difference in style, are able to create works that resonate a form of visual truth and excellence.

The “DeWaard and McPhillips” Show opens Monday, August 13th and will run to Sunday, August 26th at Camden Falls Gallery.

Camden Falls Gallery is located on the Public Landing in Camden, ME. The gallery is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm throughout the season. For more information, please contact us at 207-470-7027 or

The Camden Classics Plein Air

Lee Boynton working on Morning Before the Race, 2014.

Camden Falls Gallery will be hosting “The Camden Classics Plein Air”.

Camden Falls Gallery artists and visiting artists will be painting marine art “plein air” coinciding with the third annual Camden Classics Cup hosted by Lyman Morse / Wayfarer Marine on July 26-28.

Plein Air is a French word that means“in the open air”. This painting style was first pioneered by the impressionists in the 1800’s most notably endorsed by Claude Monet.

The event will be bringing about 70 sailboats into Camden Harbor to race for the weekend, the Classics Cup is one week earlier than the 33rd annual Eggemoggin Reach Regatta which is Maine’s major Classic wooden sailboat race. The race touches in at Camden ( Castine Classic Yacht Race) for the second leg of the race, and start of the Camden Feeder Regatta. With the two events back to back in Camden, we will see a major influx of classic yachts and enthusiasts in town.


A number of public and private locations will be open to participating artists as they paint around Camden and the surrounding area. The Plein Air event will have an emphasis on marine paintings of Camden Harbor, visiting yachts, and the natural beauty of Mid-Coast Maine.

Many well known marine artists including: Carol Douglas, Alison Hill, Peter Yesis, Scott Addis will be participating this year. Come see them capture the scenes that we love onto canvas. The finished paintings will then be on display and for sale at Camden Falls Gallery. An artist opening will be held on Sunday, July 29th from 4pm to 7pm. Come meet the artists and find a painting to love!

Camden Falls Gallery is located at 5 Public Landing in Camden, ME.

It is open daily from 10am to 8pm. For more information, please call 207-470-7027 or visit

“Alison Hill – Painting Monhegan”

Camden Falls Gallery brings the works of Alison Hill from Monhegan Island to the mainland for a featured show, June 29th through July 20th. Alison is one of the many artists lured to Monhegan by its timeless landscapes, rugged coastline, rustic architecture, and self-reliant Islanders.

For Nearly 200 years, Monhegan has inspired countless artists including Frederick Church, Winslow Homer, Rockwell Kent, and the Wyeths’, virtuosos of their time. These artists were drawn to and captivated by Monhegan for its remote island life and the light. Monhegan continues to challenge artists as they arrive daily seeking that special inspiration along the winding dirt roads, and amongst the weatherbeaten fish houses.

Alison, being one of the island’s forty or so year-round residents, lives, breaths, and paints Monhegan’s magic throughout its changing seasons. Formerly of Newport Rhode Island, Alison earned her Master’s degree in Art Therapy and Art Education. She devotes herself full-time to her island studio/gallery during the summer and spends winters on Monhegan painting winter landscapes, as well as, portraits and still-lifes. In 2012, PBS spotlighted her in their video special “The Women Artists of Monhegan Island.” More recently in 2016, her works could be seen featured in the movie, “The Congressman.”

Hill has captured some of the Island’s magic in her recent paintings:

With the weathered silhouette of the Island Inn and surrounding houses as the background of “Monhegan Skyline”, the scene embodies the essence of the village and its shoreline. A haphazard granite outcropping in the foreground welcomes the incoming tide. Crowning the stony slope, windblown weeds in shades of pale green and gold, radiate sunlit serenity. This sense of place is echoed by the expanse of a summer sky bisected with cirrus clouds. Fresh laundry pegged between leaning poles, although barely suggested, adds a breezy, immediate, and very human quality to the painting.

Alison’s portraits of island life expands on the human quality she aims to capture. They compose a bulk of her winter work, as seen in the two intimate portraits of Mattie Thompson and his young son. These portraits are done mostly from life, with some finishing touches from photographs in the studio. Mr. Thompson is caught up in the process of carving a decoy. While his son works on splicing a line, a useful skill, as his father is a working lobsterman. The cluttered workshop could have been seen in a fish house 100 years ago and speaks of the timeless rhythms of maritime labor.

When asked if there was a difference in approach, or method when she is painting en plein air, as opposed to winter studio work, Hill stated, “There is not the same frantic immediacy to capture the specific light and mood of a scene, before it changes.”

“Alison Hill – Painting Monhegan” will run from June 29th through July 20th, 2018 at Camden Falls Gallery. The gallery is open from 10am-6pm daily.. Camden Falls Gallery is located at 5 Public Landing in Camden, ME 04843.

Homecoming at Camden Harbor

“Last Rays on the Bay” Charles Fenner Ball

Camden Falls Gallery is honored to open its 2018 season with Homecoming , opening Friday, June 8 from 5-7 PM with an artist’s reception. Homecoming features the works of celebrated mixed media artist Ann Trainor Domingue and other house artists.

“The title resonates on various levels,” says Howard Gallagher, owner of Camden Falls Gallery. He and his wife Margaret have run year-round retail businesses in Camden for 37 years. This year they embraced partial retirement and have adopted a seasonal business profile.

“Summer Day Port Clyde” Ken Dewaard

Like migrating waterfowl, the Gallaghers have become ‘snowbirds’. Homecoming is personal to them. “I don’t want to say it’s like migrating fish returning to their place of origin, but there’s something really special about coming home to the gallery on the edge of Camden Harbor,” said Gallagher. “The schooners shed their winter covers and the harbor just explodes with activity in anticipation of the summer to come. It’s like that in the gallery as well, we have shed winter, and the gallery is bursting with new and exciting work.”

The interplay of family, work, and home are at the core of coastal community life. They can be seen in Trainor Domingue’s playful, overlapping layers of texture, color, and repetitive forms.

In The Best Part of the Day , a school of simplified fish arch overhead and tumble in a torrent across a fisherman’s midsection, suggesting primordial forces cascading from a burst dam. Negative rectangular shapes created by the dockside piers act as anchoring counterpoints. It is the title, however, that leads us into the heart of the painting. A bell-shaped woman stands, back lit, in a doorway. The fisherman turns his head toward what surely is his home, with all the richness and heartache that connotes.

“Family Matters” Ann Trainor Domingue

Icons are visual images, usually rendered in strong, simple compositions, that lead the viewer through the realm of the senses into a more contemplative state. Trainor Domingue’s iconic imagery transcends a particular time and place, capturing our imagination with archetypal human beings and their mysterious lives. The imagery is intricate, yet free-flowing. Her work reminds us of the delicate ecosystems that thrive in the Gulf of Maine and Penobscot Bay, which are sometimes threatened by the intersection of human industry and enterprise.

Trainor Domingue was born in Fall River, Massachusetts and raised in Barrington, Rhode Island. Summer holidays spent on Cape Cod deepened her affinity for coastal estuaries, harbor towns, and the doughty New Englanders who earn their living from the sea.

“My work has transitioned from a focus on coastal structures and architecture toward incorporating the humanity of the working waterfront by bringing meaningful relationships between people, work and the landscape together in paintings that visualize this idea in uncommon ways,” said Trainor Domingue.

After graduating from Rhode Island College, Trainor Domingue had a successful career as an illustrator and art director. Two artist residencies from the Copley Society in Boston enabled her to return to Provincetown to paint after her escape from the corporate world.

Camden Falls Gallery is located at 5 Public Landing, Camden, ME. For more information, call (207) 470-7027 or email .

Art Show and Talk at the Camden Library

“Gratitudes in Poems and Paintings”

May 2 -31, 2018
Reception: May 11, 3:30 – 5:30pm
Camden Public Library

Linden O’Ryan will begin a talk at 4:00pm on May 11. She will discuss the evolving creative process of her art work over the last 20 years. 20% of sales will be donated to the library. Refreshments will be served.

Change of Scenery – Season Finale at Camden Falls Gallery

Before Fall is Over, Susan Graeber, Oil On Canvas 24 x 30

Susan Graeber, Before Fall is Over, Oil On Canvas 24″ x 30″

The bittersweet season is once more enfolding us, even as Autumn reaps its small deaths in the gardens and fields, it also leaves us with a vibrant display of color. The final bright blaze of a visual symphony issues a challenge, and sparks a hope in us, as we enter the winter months to come. Our four featured artists are not “going gently into that dark night”, but have summoned new energy and passion evident in our final show of the season.

Susan Graeber’s paintings give equal weight to the positive and negative forms created by the interplay of tree trunks and the atmospheric environment. In her painting, “Golden Fall Birch Trees”, the influence of Neil Welliver on her work is discernible and strongly apparent. Both artists spend hours in their studio, and in the woods to visually decode the complex patterns of the deep mysterious forests that surround them. Graeber also draws inspiration from Fairfield Porter, whose masterful use of interlocking color, informs her own tight compositions of foliage.

Kathleen Robbins, Durham Marsh, Oil on Canvas 30"x 40"

Kathleen Robbins, Durham Marsh, Oil on Canvas 30″x 40″

The recent studio pieces by Kathleen Robbins explore another aspect of the natural world in chromatic flux, the autumn Marsh. By melding her plein air sketches with photographic references and sense memory, she powerfully invokes the low lying wetlands. What some might dismiss as a wasteland, comes “alive with color, texture, and sharp contrasts” through Robbins’ realization of the landscape. Robbins summarizes her style by saying, “…ultimately, my paintings navigate the elusive snaking line between abstraction and figuration.”

Charles Fenner Ball, Autumn Grove

Charles Fenner Ball, Autumn Grove

One of our newest in-house artists, Charles Fenner Ball, moved east from Santa Fe. Out west, he was drawn to mountain groves of aspen, where he could respond with painterly immediacy, or store up and distill the mystical qualities of these natural tree sanctuaries. Aspen and Birch are closely related, both belonging to the poplar family. The artist writes, “…my love of aspens has been supplanted by birch trees, which offer very similar aesthetic characteristics… The white bark (of the birch) is like a blank canvas, reflecting the nature that surrounds it – the sun and sky, warm and cool reflected light, the foliage of the ground and trees.” Instead of depicting a specific location, Ball will often draw on his memories of landscapes, which coalesce into his idealized vision.

Stefan Pastuhov, From the Golden Road, Katahdin

Stefan Pastuhov, From the Golden Road, Katahdin

The tireless plein-air painter, Stefan Pastuhov captures the low glow of autumnal light on treetops in his painting of the peaks of Katahdin, entitled “From the Golden Road, Katahdin”. This is a true Jewel of a painting interpreting one of Maine’s most magnificent state parks. Pastuhov captures the majestic glitter of autumnal foliage that adorn the timberland and mountainous landscape overlooked by a sentry birch. With the twinkle of the lake and clouds receding past the mountain, the brisk beautiful autumn weather is conveyed and felt.

If you can’t make the journey to the byways of Baxter this month, enjoy the fiery foliage vicariously, by joining us at the gallery to celebrate the most vivid of seasons. Located at 5 Public Landing in Camden, the gallery is open daily from 10am-5pm. This show will run till the end of the gallery season. For more information, please visit or call 207-470-7027.

Camden Falls Gallery Seeks Part-time Gallery Assistant

Ann Trainor Domingue's  " Village at The Head of the Harbor"  36' x 36' Gallery wrap at $3,200.00

Ann Trainor Domingue’s ” Village at The Head of the Harbor” 36′ x 36′ Gallery wrap at $3,200.00

Camden Falls Gallery seeks a part-time gallery assistant with an interest in people and art, marketing, graphic design, and website prep background beneficial. Flexible hours, and some weekends. Located at 5 Public Landing,, 207-470-7027

Tillman Crane Photography to hold open studio June 17

Tillman Crane

The Tillman Crane Photography Gallery, located at 22 Pearl Street, Camden, Maine, will host an open studio/gallery on Saturday, June 17 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The public is invited to view 72 new platinum photographs on display throughout the gallery. This year’s images focus on China and Japan. Crane will be demonstrating his darkroom printing process throughout the day. Come see how he uses both old and new cameras and technology to bring this turn-of-the-century process into the 21st century.

During this one- day event all prints in the exhibit will be 25% off. In addition, Crane’s three in-print books, Tillman Crane: STRUCTURE (2001), Odin Stone (2008) and A Walk Along the Jordan (2009), will also be available at discount.

Tillman Crane is a large format photographer specializing in platinum/palladium photographic prints. As an artist, teacher, philosopher and photojournalist he has been professionally involved with photography for over thirty-seven years. Crane offers workshops across the globe, from Maine to China. His location-based classes are open to all levels of expertise and camera formats and focus on photographing, daily lectures and critiques. In addition, Crane teaches the art of platinum printing in both group and individual tutorials.

The Tillman Crane Gallery is located in a beautifully restored 1920s house three blocks from downtown Camden, Maine. The Gallery is open by appointment throughout the year. For more information, call 207-230-0199, email, or visit