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Kefauver Offers Art Lessons Virtually and En Plein Air

Will Kefauver, owner of the Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, is offering art lessons in several modes: virtual and plein air, privately and in small groups. As safety restrictions ease, Kefauver will re-introduce classes in his studio.

Kefauver conducts virtual lessons via Zoom. Lessons are offered to teens and adults in oils, and all levels are offered, from beginner to advanced.

To schedule a lesson, or for more information, contact Will Kefauver at 207-226-0974,, or The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

Kefauver Studio & Gallery Adds Outdoor Viewing Option

Work by Will Kefauver.

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, opened for the 2020 season on June 1, exhibiting work by Will Kefauver.

Kefauver has been busy over the winter and spring, creating beautiful new pieces in oil.

In addition to the gallery, art will be displayed in a tent on the front lawn, to show additional work and to provide visitors with an outdoor option to view the work.

The gallery will have new procedures in place for visitors, to comply with state guidelines and to insure a comfortable environment for all. These include requiring that visitors wear a mask while on the property, and maintain 6 feet of distance between themselves and other visitors. Disposable masks, gloves and hand sanitizer will be available to visitors, if needed. The gallery and restroom will be sanitized regularly throughout the day.

Contact Kefauver at 207-226-0974, or with questions, concerns, or to arrange a private visit. The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta. Will Kefauver can be reached

Peggy Farrell Exhibits Watercolors at Miles Hospital through January 1


The watercolors of New Harbor artist Peggy Farrell are now on display in the Hall Gallery at Miles Hospital in Damariscotta through January 1, 2020.  

Peggy Farrell is living proof that childhood dreams can come true.  From earliest childhood in Pennsylvania she has been drawn to artistic pursuits, from crayons and pencils to oils.  She wanted art lessons and an art education, but practicality and life intervened.  It was not until moving to the rocky shores of New Harbor, Maine in 2001 that she took out brush and paper and began once again to paint and fulfill her dream of becoming an artist.

Farrell is largely self-taught and developed her talent attending local workshops and community education programs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Maine.  Art has always been a pursued interest and has included exploring mediums such as stained glass and calligraphy. She has painted in oils and spent a number of years studying decorative and tole painting techniques.  But it is watercolor that has evolved as her favorite and most natural medium. Initially influenced by the eminent American watercolorists, Winslow Homer and Andrew Wyeth, she continues to work on mastering the medium.

Maine is Peggy Farrell’s primary source of inspiration.  Living full time on the Pemaquid peninsula, she appreciates the diversity and beauty of each season and has titled her exhibit, “The Seasons of Pemaquid”.  Her realistic and intensely hued paintings reflect an appreciation for the landscape and its distinctive architecture.  She is frequently moved to paint old barns, sheds and rural homes, as well as harbor and waterfront scenes and local wild life.  She often sketches and photographs the local Maine scenery before returning to her Potting Shed Studio where she takes out brush and paint to render what she has observed.

Farrell is an active member of the Pemaquid Art Gallery at Pemaquid Point where she has served as Gallery Manager for the past 5 years and the River Arts and Kefauver Galleries in Damariscotta.   Her work has been featured on many locally sold note and holiday cards.

Paintings may be purchased directly from the artist during the exhibition.  A portion of the proceeds from sales of art will be retained by the Miles Art Committee, one of the branches of the Miles Hospital League which, ensures the  acquisition and placement of original art on hospital walls.

‘Little Holiday’ Art Show at The Kefauver Studio & Gallery

“Pemaquid Light”, watercolor, 2 ½” x 2 ½”, by Jan Kilburn

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, announces the opening of the “Little Holiday” art show. The show opens November 15th and runs until December 15th. The show features new work by oil painter Will Kefauver and the work of his 17 juried guest artists.  This art exhibit is lively! From the delightful animal portraits by John McKinley, to the beautiful fiber art from Wendy Bellows, to the lush watercolors of Jan Kilburn, this collection brings to mind Von Goethe’s quote, “Personality is everything in art and poetry.” Come visit the gallery and see if you agree that this sentiment applies.

Jane Dahmen “Talking Art in Maine” with Michel Droge

Join host and artist Jane Dahmen in conversation with Portland Art Gallery artist Michel Droge Wednesday, Nov. 6, 7-8:30 at Lincoln Theater in Damariscotta.

Talking Art in Maine with host Jane Dahmen

Michel is a painter, printmaker and educator whose work engages with the environment and the human condition.  Extensive scientific research is behind all the paintings but Michel’s intention is to make sublimely beautiful paintings that draw the viewer in. Michel finds poetry and meaning in scientific and material realities. This event is free and open to the public.

An excerpt from Dan Kany’s review:  “Michel Droge’s “When Cupid Went Crazy” is a very large and colorfully atmospheric canvas. Droge has included some of her Marshall Islands stick chart imagery – which ostensibly turns the image from a view to the sky to a view down to the water. (Stick charts were a form of navigation device that laid out how the presence of the islands interrupted the ocean swells.) But Droge’s works hold up primarily as abstract painting. Their opticality and bubbly visuality are spatial and so turn Droge’s colors into light. Working on this scale is good for Droge: Her work holds up extremely well. It manages to be simultaneously playful and elegant.”

Kefauver Studio & Gallery Opens for “Small Works”

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, announces the opening of the “Small Works” art show, opening October 11th and running until November 10th.  Work will be presented in a variety of mediums, including oil, watercolor, sculpture, photography, gouache, and pastel. The show features new work by oil painter Will Kefauver, and the work of his juried guest artists. 

Guest artist John McKinley lives in California and is new to the gallery with this show.  In addition to being a fine artist, he is also a children’s book illustrator, having illustrated the popular “Ready Freddy” series for elementary students, published by Scholastic, that now has over 13 million copies in print. Past clients include Children’s Television Workshop, the National Wildlife Federation, the Los Angeles Times, and Ogilvy & Mather, to name just a few.  

McKinley has seven mixed-media works, each 6” x 6” or 7” x 5”, in the “Small Works” show.  The subjects include dogs, cats, and one compelling dragon, with one thing in common: Each animal has a piercing gaze, focused directly on the viewer.  

 The complete list of guest artists for this show will be published on a future date.

 The opening reception will be held on Sunday, October 13th, from 4:30 – 6:30.  Refreshments will be served, and there is free parking. Many of the guest artists will be present to meet visitors and discuss their work. 


“Monhegan and the Islands” Art Show Opening at Kefauver Studio & Gallery

“Squeaker Cove, Monhegan”, oil, by Charlotte Thibault

 The Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, announces a reception to celebrate the opening of the “Monhegan and the Islands” art show. The show opens September 13th and runs until October 6th.  The show’s theme is the natural and man-made beauty of beloved Monhegan Island, and Maine’s other gorgeous islands, including Vinalhaven, Mount Desert Island, and Peaks Island.  Work will be presented in a variety of mediums, including oil, watercolor, sculpture, photography, gouache, and pastel.

 The show features new work by oil painter Will Kefauver, and the work of his 22 juried guest artists. 

 Two of the artists are new to the gallery with this show.  They are watercolorist Kathleen Fox and mixed-media artist and oil painter Susan Pecora.

 The returning guest artists are George Baker, Deena Ball, Jane Bowman, Dale Dapkins, Jenny Doyle, Chris Essler, Michael Fillyaw, Sandy Harper, Hannah Ineson, Deborah Kozak, Jan Kilburn, Kathy Lane, Judy Nixon, DiTa Ondek, Scott See, Joyce Smith, Charlotte Thibault, Kim Traina, and Gail Wartell.

 Will Kefauver is also honored to present a special display of several photographs by the late Steve Dunn.  A Maine native, Dunn turned to photography after a successful career as a consumer advocate. Monhegan Island was perhaps Steve’s favorite place in the world, and he would spend weeks there every year photographing the island’s architecture and natural beauty. He described his style as “photographic impressionism.” Dunn published a collection of his photos in a book called Monhegan: Timeless Impressions of a Special Island.  This book is for sale in the Kefauver gallery, and all proceeds are donated to the Monhegan Associates, a land trust formed to protect the wild lands of Monhegan.

 The opening reception will be held on Sunday, September 15th, from 4:30 – 6:30.  Refreshments will be served, and there is free parking. 

 The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is located at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10:00 – 6:30 daily. Will Kefauver can be reached at 207-226-0974, , or

Bold Watercolors at Stable Gallery

Galapogos Birds and Cliffs by Jon Luoma courtesy of Jon Luoma.

Watercolor is known to many painters as “the masters’ medium.”  Unforgiving, surprising and uncorrectable, watercolor requires both planning and spontaneity.

This month’s show at Stable Gallery, in Damariscotta includes two local, talented watercolorists among the featured artists.  Every show features artists of diverse media from fabrics to stone to various paint media. This month highlights Jon Luoma and Polly Smith who use watercolor to express their artistic passions.

Winslow Homer was one of the first American painters to use watercolors in vivid landscapes.  Andrew Wyeth learned from looking at Homer’s paintings and went on to find his authentic voice, or hand, with watercolors.  These painters validated watercolor as a serious medium for collectors and museums alike.

 Once thought to be unstable and a medium for society ladies in tennis shoes, watercolor now stays true once dried.  The painter must learn to expect a 30% loss of hue with the first drying, another challenge of the medium. ut after that, the color remains. 

 Through adding multiple color layers from lightest to darkest, the painter can create a work of deep color and resonant beauty.  Unlike oil painting, lack of complete control and taking advantage of accidents are a necessary part of watercolor painting.

 Varying ratios of pigment and water produce different results on different types of paper.  Thus spontaneity and problem solving are required of the artist in action. As Polly Smith says, “Flexibility is part of the creative process watercolor demands. You have to know when to stop or the freshness dissolves in front of you.”

Watercolor can be painted loosely or with as much control as the painter desires.  Jon Luoma, trained in traditional Chinese watercolor application, creates very detailed and controlled scenes with his brushes.  Polly Smith uses a mix of detail and looseness to depict energy and movement in her scenes.  

Stable Gallery includes oil and acrylic painters too.  This month Rosalind Welsh, Elaine Abel, and Robert Gibson complete the featured painters.  Also featured are Rachiel Norwood (sculpture), Lou Charlett (wood), Jackie Melissas (ceramics), and Fiona Washburn (hand painted textiles).

The Stable Gallery is housed in a 19th-century Victorian stable, just a short walk off Main Street at 28 Water Street in Damariscotta.  The gallery is open from 10 to 5 every day. For more information, call 563-1991 or check out their website at

River Arts West Gallery Presents a Group Show

Please join me at the opening of my new group show at River Arts West Gallery on Friday, September 6th, 5:30-7:30 PM.  This exciting show shares samples of the work of the Thursday painters from Ronald Frontin’s studio who have been gathering weekly for years to paint from a portrait model or work on their own projects.

The resulting artistic expressions are varied, individual and fascinating in their common elements and their diversity.  Among the many Midcoast artists displaying their work are Brandon Berkenbile, Sherrie Dec, Doreen Dufour, Cathy Eagleson, Mary Fitanides, Janet Hill, Carolyn Gabbe, Madge Jones, Wanda Leavitt, Sharon Marchi, Roz Marcopulos, Natalie Norris, Ann O’Hara, Jo M. Orise, Sherry Smith, Terry Smith, Paula Spector, Nancy Warren, John Wood, and, of course, Ronald Frontin.

Again, please join us on Friday, September 6th for the opening reception at River Arts West Gallery from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Meet the artists and enjoy some light refreshments.  The show will be open to the public from September 5th thru September 17th.  The River Arts West Gallery is open Tuesdays – Saturdays, 10-4 and Sundays, 11-3 at 241 US Route 1 in Damariscotta at the intersection of Route 1 and Main Street, next to NC Hunt.

Kefauver Studio and Gallery Presents “Rock ‘n’ Wave”

“Leviathan Sounding,” Arizona rosewood, by Eric Bandurski

The “Rock ‘n’ Wave” art exhibition at Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, centers around Maine’s iconic coastline, with rocky shores and crashing surf.  Work will be presented in a variety of mediums, including oil, watercolor, sculpture, photography, gouache, and pastel.  The show features new work by oil painter Will Kefauver, and the work of his 28 juried guest artists. 

Four of the artists are new to the gallery with this show.  They are Eric Bandurski, Jenny Doyle, Gerd Koehler, and Bev Walker.

The returning guest artists are George Baker, Jane Bowman, Marcia Brandwein, Wolfgang Busse, Dale Dapkins, Steve Dunn, Chris Essler, Michael Fillyaw, Sandy Harper, Jennifer Hickey, Hannah Ineson, Deborah Kozak, Kathy Lane, Sally Loughridge, Penny Markley, Polly McGrory, Fran Scannell, Scott See, Rebecca Shorb, Chris Stump, Charlotte Thibault, Helen Warner, Gail Wartell, and Barbara Vanderbilt.

Bandurski lives in Waldoboro and this is his first time exhibiting at the gallery.  “Leviathan Sounding” is carved from Arizona rosewood, and shows a large whale poised to dive to the depths below. The whale is 32”, and stands on a base of olivewood. Bandurski describes the fascinating story behind the piece of wood used to create this stunning sculpture: “Arizona rosewood is an extremely rare, dense wood.  It’s usually a shrub but grows to tree size in one canyon in the Santa Catalina mountains outside Tucson, Arizona. Unfortunately, one of these ancient trees succumbed to a forest fire that roared through the canyon in the 1980’s. I was able to obtain some partly charred pieces. The charred area on one of these pieces suggested expansion grooves on the underbelly of a whale and the branching lent itself to the carving of the flukes.  In a way, the sculpture has given new life to the tree.“ 

 Bandurski has also submitted a carving of a shark called “Graceful Danger.”  This sculpture is 18” long, also carved from Arizona rosewood, and is set on a rosewood base.

“On the Rocks”, by Barbara Vanderbilt

The “Rock ‘n’ Wave” art exhibition runs until September 8th.The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is located at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10:00 – 6:30 daily. Will Kefauver can be reached at 207-226-0974,, or