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Stable Gallery shows Mary Hall’s Inspiring Jewelry

When Mary Hall creates jewelry, she is often inspired by the source or properties of the stone.  For example, her newest piece titled “War No More” includes a pendant of Bloodstone known for cleansing and healing.  The Onyx is a stone of courage and healing.  These stones on the necklace add to the story of its title.

Featured this month at the Stable Gallery, Mary Hall creates jewelry both beautiful and inspiring.   This month’s display includes a mix of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and spoons.

Mary’s “Legend” pendant is made of prehistoric Ammolite.  Ammolite is the sacred stone of the Blackfoot Indians.  This stone is found only in Montana and Alberta. The “Legend” tells the story of how this beautiful stone saved the starving Blackfoot tribe during a bitter winter.  Ammolite is known for its wisdom, knowledge and protective properties.

In another pendant, composite of turquoise and fossilized coral are framed by two spotted drum fish with elongated fins and tails.  On the back side of the pendant, a single fish swims among the waves.

Some art galleries focus on paintings covering walls.  Others choose a mix of beautiful objects shown with two dimension works.  Stable Gallery on Water Street in Damariscotta excels at combining two and three dimension works.

Each month, works of approximately 35 Maine artists are displayed in a main room and smaller rooms of the gallery.  The building was once a stable that has been repurposed as a gallery.  Original ironwork bedecks the stalls. Dark wooden walls complement the colorful art works.

Stable Gallery is located at 28 Water Street, a block off Main Street in Damariscotta.  Open daily, 10-5, the gallery is a jewel itself.  For more information, check out the gallery’s website, or call 563-1991.

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery Presents ‘The Boat Show’

“Five Islands Winter”, 18” x 24”, oil on canvas, by George Baker


The Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, presents the opening reception for “The Boat Show” art exhibition. The show features new work by oil painter Will Kefauver, and the work of his 27 juried guest artists.  The show opens July 5th and runs until August 4th.

 Three of the artists are new to the gallery with this show.  They are oil painters Fran Scannell and Charlotte Thibault, and etchings artist Kay Miller.  The returning guest artists are Sandy Adams, George Baker, Wolfgang Busse, Dale Dapkins, Sandra Dunn, Steve Dunn, Evelyn Dunphy, Chris Essler, Sandy Harper, Jennifer Hickey, Hannah Ineson, Jan Kilburn, Deborah Kozak, Polly McGrory, DiTa Ondek, Ron Orenstein, Scot See, Joyce Smith, Chris Stump, Jan Van Tassell, Linda Van Tassell, Helen Warner, Gail Wartell, and Carolyn Wiley.

 There opening reception will be held on Sunday, July 7th, from 4:30 – 6:30.  Refreshments will be served at the reception, and there is free parking. Many of the guest artists will be present to meet visitors and discuss their work.  “The Boat Show” is one of the most popular shows every season, and this year’s exhibit is no exception. Please come see this eclectic collection of beautiful work by the artists that make Damariscotta a destination for art lovers across the country.

 The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is located at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10:00 – 6:30 daily. Will Kefauver can be reached at 207-226-0974, , or 

Stable Gallery Opens for “Boundaries”


‘Legend’ pendant by Mary Hall. Photo courtesy Mary Hall


Starting this week, Stable Gallery in Damariscotta features a new show of glorious, artful objects and paintings.   The show titled, “Boundaries” crosses many edges and delights many senses. 

Highlighted in this show are startling, three-dimensional objects by Mae Billington.  “I honor the environment by ‘upcycling’ trash into fine art,“ Billington says. With wood, metal, glass, even clock parts, paintbrushes and bells, Mae creates imaginary worlds, both beautiful and intriguing.

Mary Hall’s exquisite silver jewelry is worth the trip to the gallery at 28 Water Street.  Mary ‘s earrings, necklaces, rings and spoons evoke a spiritual connection to Native American sensibilities.  Mary says, “Each of my work has a story told by invoking historical images.”

Five painters with distinctive styles have their work on the walls of the primary gallery room.  This year, Denise Rankin is highlighting paintings of dancers. Marcia Brandwein’s oils depict her love of trees and shadows.  Jon Luoma paints detailed landscapes using watercolors and Chinese inks. Hati Modr has returned to painting uplifting, Monhegan inspired scenes. Her results include uniquely colored shadows cast upon houses and boats. Polly Smith paints still lives and landscapes in watercolors that draw observers in with her fresh touch and thoughtful titles.  Glass, metal, fabric and metal objects complete the show’s collection.  Judith Daniels offers fabric art as wall hangings and wearable works. Nicholas Downing’s metal objects include household utensils and wearable works.  Nancy Tang has created mounted and three-dimensional glass sculptures that capture light. Finally, Steve Ryder has built wooden flower vases and tables that add class to any room.

Beyond these featured artists, Stable Gallery includes works from approximately 35 other Maine artists.  The gallery is open daily 10-5.  Stable Gallery is located at 28 Water Street a block off Main Street in Damariscotta.  For more information, check out the gallery’s website, or call 563-1991. 

Gala Opening at River Arts

River Arts in Damariscotta invites the public to the opening reception of the Members Show on Friday, June 7 from 5 to 7 PM. Artists convene from all over the state of Maine for this annual exhibition that includes a wide range of modes and mediums. This showcase of members’ works highlights pieces that artists have chosen to most represent their individual styles. A show that truly expresses the strength of the artwork and creativity in Maine, this exhibition runs from now until July 6.

The evening also features a gala reception in the West Gallery of the works of Gerd Koehler. Koehler’s multi-media show, “Transitions,” focuses on a production of series of themes and variations in his graphic works. These graphic pieces express the process of Koehler’s development of visual ideas. Also on view are his impressive photographs of dramatic waves and

sculptural rocks. Gerd, a long-time resident of Maine, emigrated from his native Germany. He has worked in Germany, England, Switzerland and the Americas and is now retired from a career in printing and graphic arts integrating new technology solutions in manufacturing, sales and Marketing.

River Arts is located at 241 Route 1 (north) in Damariscotta. Gallery Hours: Tue – Sat 10 to 4 and Sunday 11 to 3. Visit River Arts on Facebook,or Instagram: RiverArtsME or website: For more information call (207) 563-1507.

The Stable Gallery Opens for “Wide Open”

Elaine Abel with one of her paintings


The Stable Gallery, on Water Street in Damariscotta is now open for the 2019 season.  The first show of the 2019 season, “Wide Open” includes paintings, jewelry and sculpture of twelve artists. The public reception for these artists is Friday, May 17, from 5 to 7PM.

This show includes five artists new to Stable Gallery this year:

Bernadette de Cesare is showing striking, semi-abstract pastels, brilliantly colored and carefully composed.

Marnie Sinclair bends wire into elegant and lively three-dimensional sculptures of birds and animals.

Mae Billington constructs detailed and elaborate wall pieces, assemblages, and boxes from an astonishing array of found objects, bric-a-brac, and antiques.

Elaine Abel’s oil paintings find mystery and fascination in quiet, quotidian aspects of everyday life.

Christopher Reed’s luminous landscape paintings use light and color to evoke magnificence, sublimity and peace.

“Wide Open” also features paintings by Priscilla McCandless, paintings and jewelry by Rosalind Welsh, colored linocut prints by Sherrie York, woven rugs from Bill Bellows, Shaker boxes from Denise Rankin, plus sculptures and garden art by Kimberley Bentley and Tom Stuart.  The show runs until June 18.

Stable Gallery is housed in a former Victorian stable, worth visiting for itself.  Gallery hours are 10 to 5 daily. For more information, call 563-1991 or go to

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery Presents “Still Life/ Wildlife” Art Show

“Enamelware Mugs”, oil on board, Peggy Farrell


The Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, announces the opening of the “Still Life/Wildlife” art show. The show features new work by oil painter Will Kefauver, and the work of his 29 juried guest artists.  The show opens June 7th and runs until June 30th.

Five of the artists are new to the gallery with this show.  They are: Julie Babb, gouache, Patricia Bradley, pastel, Patricia Parks, oil, Chris Stump, photography, and Jan Van Tassell, watercolor.

The other guest artists are pen and ink artist Jane Bowman; oil painters Sandra Dunn, Sandy Harper, and Mary Mabry; photographers Steve Dunn, Michael Fillyaw, Jennifer Hickey, and Scott See; watercolorists Jan Kilburn, Cindy Spencer, and Linda Van Tassell; print maker Deborah Kozak; colored pencil artist Kathy Lane; pastel artists Patti Leavitt, Sally Loughridge, Nancy Lovley, Rebecca Shorb, and Barbara Vanderbilt ; goache artist Judy Nixon; acrylics DiTa Ondek, and Gail Wartell; and oil/acrylics Carol Wiley; and Peggy Farrell and  Helen Warner both working in oils and watercolor.

Reception on Friday, June 14th, from 4:30 – 6:30.  Many of the guest artists will be present to meet visitors and discuss their work.

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is located at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10:00 – 6:30 daily. Will Kefauver can be reached at 207-226-0974,, or

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery Announces the Opening of Will Kefauver’s Show


The show features 23 of Kefauver’s latest oil paintings and runs until March 18th at the MaineGeneral Medical Center in Augusta.

Kefauver was selected by the Art Committee at MaineGeneral Medical Center’s Alfond Center for Health (ACH).  The committee was formed to coordinate the display of art in the hospital’s public areas for the enjoyment of patients, visitors, and staff.  Committee members, who are all volunteers, solicit proposals from Maine artists who wish to exhibit their work.

Kefauver’s artwork is displayed in gallery area adjacent to the hospital cafeteria on the lower level.

MaineGeneral is located at 35 Medical Center Drive, Augusta.  For more information, call MaineGeneral at 207-626-1000, or contact Will Kefauver at 207-226-0974, , or

Art at The Grill in Damariscotta

Art at the Grill showcasing works by Sandra Leinonen Dunn, Steve Dunn, Penny Markley, Judy Schuppien and Kim Skillin Traina. Art opening December 5 4-5:30 and is on display from December 4 – January 22.

New Works at the The Kefauver Studio & Gallery

“Gold at the End of the Day”, oil, Lisa Kyle

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery in Damariscotta, presents the 6″ x 6”  art show.  The show features work in a variety of mediums that are all 6” x 6”.  Showcased are new works by oil painter Will Kefauver, and the work of his 13 guest artists including works by two artists that are new to the gallery. They are wood sculptor Bruce Goodwin and photographer Joan Omang.

The returning guest artists are photographer Scott See, oil painters Marcia Brandwein, Sandra Dunn, Chris Essler, Sandy Harper, Lisa Kyle, Sally Loughridge, and Joyce Smith; colored pencil artist Kathy Lane, acrylic artist DiTa Ondek, and ink-on-Yupo artist Helen Warner.

The show opens on October 12th and runs until November 4th.

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is located at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10:00 – 6:30 daily. Will Kefauver can be reached at 207-226-0974, , or

Final Weeks at Stable Gallery for 2018

‘LaVerna Preserve, Winter #1’ painted by Jon Luoma Courtesy of Jon Luoma



As summer turns to fall Stable Gallery, one of Damariscotta’s sources for quality art, is announcing its final weeks of the 2018 season.

Friday, October 19 is the last day the gallery will be open for 2018.  After that, the eight artists who manage the gallery will turn their attention to getting ready for the 2019 season.

What keeps these dedicated artists and their devoted customers coming back to the former stable on Water Street in Damariscotta, year after year?

Jon Luoma, one of the managing artists who paints, says, “Quality and variety, that’s what it’s about for me.  Variety of approaches, viewpoints, styles, techniques, subject matter and media, all by Maine artists working in our locality.”

Customers’ comments reflect this perspective as well.  “Lovely work. Nice to finally get over here,” one wrote recently.

A visitor from Connecticut offered, “A MUST see on every trip to Maine.”

For Roz Welsh, painter and jeweler from Damariscotta, Stable Gallery is a “special place that is open and friendly without giving up on professionalism. It is good to be part of something that is bigger than any one part.”

“It’s family, “ says Mary Hall, jeweler from Damariscotta.  “Some artists have been with us for all our thirteen years. Still, each year is different, as we strive to keep finding talented artists to include.”

Hati Modr, a painter who lives in Harpswell, appreciates the diversity of talents and shared dedication required to manage a successful gallery.  She says, “Eight of us who manage the gallery meld our different skills into an organization that works.”

Stephen Vowles, woodworker of Damariscotta adds, “Quality and continuity are not a given without effort from everyone involved!”

The walls and tables of Stable Gallery are full of sculpture, paintings, jewelry, fabric and woolen goods, plus ceramic and glass dishes.   If you are planning for one to be a gift or an addition to your home, Stable Gallery at 28 Water Street, is open daily 10-5 until October 19.   For more information, call the gallery at 563-1991.