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Final Weeks at Stable Gallery for 2018

‘LaVerna Preserve, Winter #1’ painted by Jon Luoma Courtesy of Jon Luoma



As summer turns to fall Stable Gallery, one of Damariscotta’s sources for quality art, is announcing its final weeks of the 2018 season.

Friday, October 19 is the last day the gallery will be open for 2018.  After that, the eight artists who manage the gallery will turn their attention to getting ready for the 2019 season.

What keeps these dedicated artists and their devoted customers coming back to the former stable on Water Street in Damariscotta, year after year?

Jon Luoma, one of the managing artists who paints, says, “Quality and variety, that’s what it’s about for me.  Variety of approaches, viewpoints, styles, techniques, subject matter and media, all by Maine artists working in our locality.”

Customers’ comments reflect this perspective as well.  “Lovely work. Nice to finally get over here,” one wrote recently.

A visitor from Connecticut offered, “A MUST see on every trip to Maine.”

For Roz Welsh, painter and jeweler from Damariscotta, Stable Gallery is a “special place that is open and friendly without giving up on professionalism. It is good to be part of something that is bigger than any one part.”

“It’s family, “ says Mary Hall, jeweler from Damariscotta.  “Some artists have been with us for all our thirteen years. Still, each year is different, as we strive to keep finding talented artists to include.”

Hati Modr, a painter who lives in Harpswell, appreciates the diversity of talents and shared dedication required to manage a successful gallery.  She says, “Eight of us who manage the gallery meld our different skills into an organization that works.”

Stephen Vowles, woodworker of Damariscotta adds, “Quality and continuity are not a given without effort from everyone involved!”

The walls and tables of Stable Gallery are full of sculpture, paintings, jewelry, fabric and woolen goods, plus ceramic and glass dishes.   If you are planning for one to be a gift or an addition to your home, Stable Gallery at 28 Water Street, is open daily 10-5 until October 19.   For more information, call the gallery at 563-1991.

“Color Play” Show Enlivens Stable Gallery

Who isn’t moved by certain colors?  Artists know that colors are warm or cold and that opposites make interesting greys.  But, appreciating art can be an instinctual response to the colors resonating in a particular piece of work.  

 Thus, Stable Gallery’s August show is titled “Color Play”.  The show opens with a public reception for the artists on Friday, August 10thfrom 5-7PM.  The gallery at 28 Water Street in Damariscotta is open daily 10-5.

 This month’s show features two of Stable Gallery’s new 2018 artists, a returning artist, and seven other Maine artists with local followings.

 New to the gallery for 2018, Robert Gibson of Orrs’ Island creates large, bright paintings of still lives. Gibson says, “My aim is to construct vibrant compositions of  color to rekindle in the viewer a sense of joy, peace, and harmony.”.  

 Scott Baltz, of Mount Desert, is the other new Stable Gallery member highlighted in August.  Baltz’s works are creations of his memory from visiting local landscapes.  Baltz explains,, “Color decisions are made as my paintings progress. My works revolve around capturing transitional light.”  

 Adero Willard’s colorfully crafted ceramics are always a hit at Stable Gallery.  Returning to the gallery after several years, Willard explains, “A passion for color and pattern fuel my work.  A love of clay grounds me.”  The results are beautifully patterned mugs, vases, and more. 

 Stable Gallery walls also feature work of artist members Priscilla McCandless, Penelope Moodey, and Jon Luoma with uniquely personal responses to their environment.  Luoma creates distinctive landscapes with watercolor and Chinese ink.  Moodey expresses her vision with soft greens and purples that can be “seen” as water, flowers, or atmosphere.  McCandless’ work exudes energy and color in either pastel or oil.

 Hartman’s jewelry is inspired by her desire to find balance between nature, color, movement, and the senses.  “I hope that my jewelry enhances the wearer’s beauty and grace,” explains Hartman.

 Steve Ryder uses the colors and features of wood to produce an exquisite body of work from flower vases to tables.  Susie Perrine offers multi-media lamps and bracelets.  

 Finally, Kimberly Bentley creates fish, rabbits and other clay animals to enliven your garden or rooms with character and humor.  Thirty-some other Maine artists’ works are displayed in the remaining gallery rooms.  Color and quality abounds wherever you look.  Go take a look.  You won’t be disappointed.

 The “Color Play” show is installed at Stable Gallery thru September 11. For more information call 563-1991, or visit the gallery’s website,

The Kilburn Gallery Hosts “Guests on the Lawn” Art Demos and Sale

Jan Kilburn at her easel.

Kilburn Hosts “Guests on the Lawn” Art Demos and Sale: Artist Jan Kilburn, partnering with artist Marnie Sinclair, is hosting a large group of artists painting en plein air on Saturday, August 18th, from 10 – 4. The artists will be painting in the gardens and on the lawn of the Kilburn Gallery and the Sinclair Gallery. The rain date is Sunday, August 19th.

Kilburn has invited over 15 artists to set up their easels in her garden and in Sinclair’s garden next door. The guests will include visiting artists from New Hampshire as well as several local artists. Visitors are invited to come watch the artists at work, and experience a wide array of mediums and techniques.

Jan Kilburn says, “I love ‘Guests on the Lawn’ because it not only brings artists together, but it puts them all in one place for the community to come and see what happens when art is created. I’ve made space in my gallery for each artist to hang a framed painting for purchase. This is going to be a great day for hanging out with the local artists!”

The Kilburn Gallery is at 168 Bristol Road, and the Sinclair Gallery is at 172 Bristol Road. Both are less than a mile from downtown Damariscotta. Free parking. For more information, call Jan Kilburn at 207-563-8363 or email Jan at

“The Garden Party” plein air event

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery, in cooperation with the Bristol Road Galleries, is hosting “The Garden Party” plein air event on Saturday, August 4th, from 10 – 5 p.m.  The raindate is Sunday, August 5th.

Will Kefauver has invited more than 12 local guest artists to paint in the gardens behind his gallery.  Visitors are welcome to come watch the artists at work and stroll among the flowers.  The artists represent a wide array of mediums and styles, and visitors are sure to be intrigued by watching artwork created on the scene. All art will be offered for sale at 5 p.m., and no piece will be priced higher than $100. Light refreshments will be offered.

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is located at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10 – 6:30 daily. FMI: 207-226-0974 or

Get “Inspired” at Stable Gallery

"Manhattan with the Swings" by Caroline Davis.

“Manhattan with the Swings” by Caroline Davis.

Some artists find inspiration reacting to current news.  More, along with art enthusiasts, find inspiration in other places as refuge from the impact of political events. Where is your muse or amusement?

 Starting Friday July 13, Stable Gallery’s show titled, “Inspirations”, displays a diverse set of inspired artworks.  The public opening is planned for Friday, July 13th from 5-7PM. 

 From jewelry by Damariscotta artist Mary Hall to bronze flying sculpture by Laura Freeman of Rockport, this month’s artwork at Stable Gallery shines with inspiration from many sources.

 Bruce Habowski uses daily scenes for his paintings’ roots. Small canvases of buildings, boats and railroad cars result and draw visitors in with auras of calm. 

 While no people appear in Habowski’s work, humans are the focus of Laura Freeman’s work.  Freeman creates bronze figures hanging from disks as dancers or gymnasts.  The results are tantalizingly beautiful.

 Shells and rhythms of the sea form the basis of Fiona Washburn’s designs for her painted silk scarves.

 Caroline Davis’  recent work is inspired by love and loss. “In 2017 I lost several loved ones. I then painted a portrait of my Mother followed by paintings of family and friends. Turns out, I really enjoy it, and it has been very cathartic,” says Davis who is more often known for her soulful animals.

 Hati Modr annually visits Monhegan Island to draw boats, buildings and their shadows.  Modr then returns to her studio in Harpswell and finds inspiration “playing with colors”, as she says.

 Polly Smith, of Freeport, uses flowers she grows or local scenes that catch her eye as the basis of her spirited watercolors.  “I paint all seasons and varied subjects so long as the composition and colors are strong.”

 Every year brings a new twist to Pamela Hanson’s colorful paintings.  This month, Hanson features landscapes departing from her recent bottles, ribbons and candy paintings.

 Louis Charlett delights in highlighting the grains of exotic woods in his trays, clocks, and tables.

 Mary Hall has a story behind each of her jewelry pieces based on how she found the stones or what the shapes have meant over time. Mary’s earrings, pins and necklaces are beauty to be worn.

 Finally, Jackie Melissas finds inspiration from the sensuous nature of clay and fire.  The cups and vases that result reflect archeological roots with contemporary flavor.

 The “Inspirations” show is installed at Stable Gallery thru August 8.  Stable Gallery is open daily 10-5 and located at 28 Water Street, Damariscotta.  For more information call 563-1991, or visit the gallery’s website,

Reception for “The Boat Show”

”The Skiffs”, linocut by Deborah Kozak.

”The Skiffs”, linocut by Deborah Kozak.

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery presents the opening reception for “The Boat Show” art show on Saturday, July 7th, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Many of the guest artists will be present to meet visitors and discuss their work.

Five of the guest artists are new to the gallery with this show. They are Wolfgang Busse, acrylics, Chris Essler, oils, Carl Root, photography, and watercolorists Linda Van Tassell and Peter Wiley.  

The returning guest artists to the gallery are Deborah Kozak, linocut-artist, watercolorists Deena Ball, Jane Bowman, Lydia Kaeyer, Jan Kilburn, and Cindy Spencer, oil painters George Baker, Marcia Brandwein, Stephen Busch, Dianne Dolan, Sandra Dunn, and Hannah Ineson, photographers Steve Dunn, Michael Fillyaw, Claudia Noyes Griffiths, Jim Nyce, and Laurie Raba, acrylic painters Bill Hallett and DiTa Ondek, mixed-media artist Dale Dapkins, and ink-on-yupo artist Helen Warner.

Refreshments will be served at the reception, and there is free parking. The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is located at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10:00 – 6:30 daily. Will Kefauver can be reached at 207-226-0974, , or  

Inspired by the Sea and its Creatures

Rachiel Norwood with Mermaid

Rachiel Norwood with Mermaid

Growing up in South Bristol, local artist Rachiel Norwood spent days playing along the shore. Home schooled through high school, Norwood’s days were filled with rowing, sailing with her grandfather, and seeking out sea creatures.

Featured in the June show at Stable Gallery in Damariscotta, Rachiel Norwood’s stone sculptures reflect her love of the sea and its many creatures.

Exquisitely polished stone carved into seashells and mermaids highlight the Stable Gallery show. Two seals reveal smooth bodies and open eyes that transmit the aliveness Rachiel has crafted into the marble. A white marble coyote bays into the sky.

Trained at Maine College of Art , Norwood continued her sculpture studies through seven year apprentice to Carole Hanson. “I love carving so much; it feels like play to me,” explains Norwood. “It’s a thrill to reveal a mermaid from a stone.”

Norwood is one of eight artists featured in the June show at Stable Gallery. On display through July 11, this show is a thoughtful combination of fabric, wood, stone, glass and canvas works. Connections with the sea are highlighted as the show is titled “Ebb and Flow”.

Stable Gallery is open daily 10-5 and located at 28 Water Street, Damariscotta. For more information call 563-1991, or visit the gallery’s website,

June ArtWalk, Bristol Road Galleries

The Bristol Road Galleries, Damariscotta, is participating in the Twin Villages ArtWalk in two ways this season: All four galleries on the Bristol Road will be open, and in addition, the work of the artists will be on display in a tent outside the Shuck Station raw bar at 68 Main Street, Newcastle. ArtWalk is presented in partnership with the Damariscotta Region Chamber of Commerce. The first ArtWalk of the 2018 season is on Friday, June 15, from 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Jan Kilburn will be at her gallery at 168 Bristol Road, demonstrating her watercolor techniques. This is a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see the artist at work and to see the full range of her work in the gallery. Her husband Tony Kilburn is manning the tent in town for the first ArtWalk. The tent will feature new work of all four of the Bristol Road Galleries artists, including originals and prints, and the work is priced to suit every budget. Jan says, “Landscape and seascape is my strong point. It is attempting to put the colors of nature together with the structures of manmade objects that fascinate me. I enhance the color a bit, but that, to me, is what makes it work. I live in an area that gives me unlimited inspiration: the sea, fishing villages, and Maine cottages.”

The Bristol Road Galleries are: the Jan Kilburn Gallery (168 Bristol Road), the Sinclair Gallery (172 Bristol Road), the Kathleen Horst Studio Gallery (179 Bristol Road), and the Kefauver Studio & Gallery (144 Bristol Road). Parking is free at all four galleries, and they are all within walking distance of each other. For more information, go to or call 226-0974.

Studio Roz Opening for the Season

Construction is complete! The shed is now a dream come true studio. June 2nd Studio Roz will open for the season! Starting with a celebration beginning at 3 PM. Roz is looking forward to seeing many friends and fellow artists as well as new faces. There will be sculpted paintings and one of a kind fine jewelry on display and for sale. Roz will be able to show what she is working on at present and will have demonstrations on how she works.

“I am ecstatic about my new space and want all to see it. After working in my living space for all my life, it’s like a dream come true having a separate studio from the house” says Roz.

There will be refreshments served.
Regular open hours will be Thurs. ~ Sun. 11 AM~ 6 PM. or by appointment


Julie Babb Paintings Now on Display in Damariscotta

Julie Babb, Fox Sparrow Monhegan

Julie Babb, Fox Sparrow Monhegan

Several of Julie Babb’s gouache paintings are now on display at Newcastle Realty, 89 Main Street in Damariscotta. Julie and her husband Bruce recently moved from the Pemaquid area into Damariscotta. Julie is well known in the area for her realistic detailed paintings of birds and natural subjects. She also teaches gouache painting at River Arts. Julie is represented by Bayview Gallery in Brunswick and seasonally at the Pemaquid Art Gallery at Lighthouse Park. Her paintings can also be seen at along with Bruce’s marquetry work. For more information contact Julie at or (207) 563-3445.

Upcoming Shows at Kefauver Studio & Gallery


“The Little Holiday Show,” running from November 18th through January 2nd. An Artists’ Reception, open to the public, will be held on Saturday, November 18th, from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm. The show will feature artwork that will include miniatures and smaller pieces, priced to suit every budget. Original art is perfect for holiday gift giving!


Until November 12th you can still see, “The 6 x 6 Show.” The show features artwork that is 6” x 6” or smaller. The art is small in size but big in impact! This show features Beth Badger, Deena Ball, Judy Bernier, Sandra Dunn, Virginia Forrest, Claudia Noyes Griffiths, Hannah Ineson, Jan Kilburn, Lisa Kyle, Sherie Lehman, Sally Loughridge, DiTa Ondek, Brooke Pacy, Elizabeth Palmer, Laurie Raba, Helen Warner, and Carol Wiley.

For more information visit, call 207.226.0974 or email

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery presents “The Boat Show”


The Kefauver Studio & Gallery, Damariscotta, presents “The Boat Show”, running from June 30th through July 23rd.

The show features new work by oil painter Will Kefauver, and the work of his guest artists. Kefauver’s newest guest artists are acrylic painter Bill Child, oil painters Judith Fischer, Kathie James, and John Seitzer, and photographers James Nyce and Rachel Wyman.

Returning for this exhibit are woodblock printer Deborah Kozak, pen and ink artist Grey Kearney, woodcarver Dick Webster, painter and mixed-media artist Dale Dapkins, photographers Steve Dunn, Michael Fillyaw, and Claudia Noyes Griffiths, watercolorists Jane Bowman, Lydia Kaeyer, Judy Nixon, and Elizabeth Palmer, and oil painters Marcia Brandwein, Stephen Busch, Sandra Dunn, DiTa Ondek, and Brooke Pacy.

The Kefauver Studio & Gallery is located at 144 Bristol Road, Damariscotta, and is open from 10:00 – 6:30 daily. Will Kefauver can be reached at 207-226-0974,, or

Unique Attic Window Series by Jean Kigel at Gifts at 136 Damariscotta



Gifts at 136 on Main Street in Damariscotta presents a unique series of Attic Windows paintings by Waldoboro artist, Jean Kigel. Attics occupy a special space directly below the pitched roof of a house. Once common in New England houses, attics are now obsolete architectural structures. These awkwardly shaped spaces, with exposed rafters and difficult-to-reach corners, are generally used for storage. Vast troves of family papers in neatly tied bundles, heaped beside dusty Seth Thomas clocks, and sea chests of clothing stored in attics, reveal family histories.


“There is something romantic about an attic.” In Kigel’s paintings the viewer is invited to take a virtual look from the street into attic windows to imagine the history within. Kigel travels Mid-Coast Maine towns, seeking unusually shaped attic windows, in the form of crescent moons, polygons, or ornately arranged and decorated multi-panes. Her compositions consist of apexes of old New England homes clustered into an architectural community. In these compositions harmonized of colors and shapes create a distinct personality of a given town. Gifts at 136 is open seven days a week from 10-5

Carol P. Sullivan at River Arts

Puffins FAA

“The Secret”, painting on silk by Carol P. Sullivan

Rangeley, Maine resident, Carol P. Sullivan, will have an art show of her paintings on silk and a selection of hand-dyed silk scarves at River Arts on Route 1 in Damariscotta this summer from July 7-27. Please stop by to see her uniques works of art if you happen to be in the mid-coast Maine area.

Carol has enjoyed a long career of creating fiber art in many iterations. The medium of painting on silk with dye has rekindled a love that she was introduced to 25 years ago. She finds no shortage of inspiration to translate to her chosen medium of silk and dye. Carol is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art and over the years has continued her artistic journey through workshops and classes in a variety of mediums.

She specializes in the unique world that is Maine and the title of her show, ‘Eyes Wide Open”, defines her journey. As Carol says, “Take a moment, rest your eyes on something of beauty, of mystery, of wonder…rest your eyes, even as they are wide open, on the beauty that surrounds you. Do what you can to preserve that beauty…as I have honored that beauty and wonder with my paintings on silk.” Where she takes us from here promises be a wondrous experience as we learn from Carol to see the world with our eyes wide open! She welcomes inquiries about special commissions. To find out more about Carol’s silk paintings, please visit her website at