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Calling All Artists to Submit Work for this Years Mount Desert Open


Deborah Page of Bar Harbor, Mixed Media


Be part of a non-juried art exposition, now in its 19 consecutive year at Shaw Jewelry in Northeast Harbor.  All artists are invited to participate.  As usual, the only requirement is that you have a close association with Mount Desert Island, and you have a piece of work you would like to share with the community. Paintings, prints, sculpture, photography and un-categorized are all welcomed.  Professional or amateur, novice or trained, it is always a varied and surprising collection of fresh talent.

The event will have a festive opening on Thursday, May 24, 2019 from 5 – 7 PM at Shaw Jewelry in Northeast Harbor.  The show will be slightly longer this year as it ends on June 19.  The only thing you need to do to sign up is to contact the gallery at :, or call us at 276-5000.  It is first come, first served, with room for about forty participants.

Annual Holiday Sale at Shaw Jewelry


Star Gallery solo exhibit for Julia S. Powell


Please join Star Gallery for a solo exhibit

To Live in This World featuring:

Julia S. Powell

Opening Thursday, August 30 , 5 – 7 pm, Through Sept.

Star Gallery exhibit featuring Robert S. Neuman

Please join Star Gallery in Northeast Harbor for an exhibit featuring:
Robert S. Neuman
Philip Sultz

Thursday, August 16 
5 – 7 pm

Final Show of the Season at Shaw Contemporary Jewelry

August 16 – September 12

OPENING RECEPTION at Shaw Contemporary Jewelry in Northeast Harbor
Thursday, August 16, 5-7PM

Sam Shaw:
Figure Landscape Mash up
Sam’s third presentation of fantasy figurative landscapes and sculptures. New this year are seven foot tall towers of abstracted nudes. Long legs, balancing arms, and precarious situations. The paintings are male and female nudes, often dancing and cavorting in an imaginary setting.

Judith Brust:
Mind’s Eye, Past and Present
In the artwork and mono-prints of Judith Brust you can see the world: the infinite and the finite, the mixture of rolling exploration of space and the eternal grasp for the fourth dimension that lies beyond what our mind and eye can grasp. Judith will be having a contemporaneous showing at the Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park.

McTeigue Estate Jewelry
August 16–18 ONLY
Our third presentation of this venerable New York based estate jewelry firm established in 1895 will be presenting fabulous jewels for three days only. Kate Fisher, born in Australia, and an expert for decades, will be exhibiting magnificent pieces that were in high fashion from before you were born.

Stacy Hopkins:
Jewelry Meets Natural History
Vermont based Stacy has an obvious love of the natural world. She casts natural forms and textures into precious metals to make exciting jewelry akin to a cabinet of curiosities. A student of biology in university, her appreciation of the science/art connection is visceral.

Spotlight on Sophie Ratner, Steve Battelle,
and Susan Walker

Star Gallery Upcoming Shows

New work has arrived at Star Gallery!
Please join to view works by:
David LaPalombara
Margery Torrey
Melina White
Thursday, July 26 5 – 7 pm

Upcoming Shows:

August 2: Valerie Aponik, Lisa Ghriskey, Michele Lauriat, Digby Veevers Carter
August 16: Robert S. Neuman, Philip Sultz
August 30: Julia S. Powell

Star Gallery
6 Neighborhood Rd
Northeast Harbor, ME 04662

Shaw Contemporary Jewelry’s fourth show of the season

Shaw Jewelry

August 2-15

Thursday, August 2, 5-7PM

Hughes-Bosca: Bountiful Rarity
Largest collection will be August 2–4. Good things need to be replayed, this is our 9th show. They fabricate 18 kt. jewelry using gemstones, colored diamonds, and artifacts from distant corners. It has weight, glowing surface, quiet confidence, and un-restrained boldness. The soulful power of wearing this work will enhance your mood and presence. Come meet our dearest collaborators, Caro-Gray Bosca and Mary Hughes, Thursday through Saturday.

David Brewster: Strength Through Art
Athletic and muscular paintings of Mount Desert Island that appear as landscapes on the verge of explosion. He paints in plein air, but his most important tool is his energetic strokes, bold colors, angular planes, and perspective. David summered on MDI in his youth, still has connections to our island, and currently lives in Vermont.

Katey Brunini: Exotica in Jewelry
Largest collection will be August 2–4. Sam Shaw Gallery is most excited to introduce world-renowned jeweler, K. Brunini, of California this summer. For our premier exhibition, K. Brunini will exhibit her unique, organic designs, featuring raw and refined precious works of exotic art and rare gemstones, which creatively incorporate sustainable and unexpected alternative materials. Her highly acclaimed designs have been featured by Vogue, Robb Report. K. Brunini will be here only for three days; you MUST come in to see this exceptional collection of couture masterpieces. She is for serious aficionados and collectors.

Spotlight on Melli Finelli, Dahlia Kanner,
and Rebecca Myers

3rd Show of the Season at Shaw Contemporary Jewelry

July 19 – August 1

Thursday, July 19, 5-7PM

Petra Class: The Aesthetics of Materials

This will be the second exhibit from Petra whose work we have presented for decades. She has a playful color palate, using gems connected like constellations in 18 kt gold. They are elegantly simple but dense with beauty.

 Don Best: Carved Figures and Fantasy

Our second exhibition, Don carves wood and assembles the parts into folk art sculptures that have allegorical and metaphorical attributes. Cats and animals are personified; ravens given attitude, and fishes sail across the night shy. The results are delightful, smile inducing, story telling, imaginative and soulful.

 Michele Mercaldo: A Modern Edge

Michele Mercaldo’s clean-lined designs appeal to those with an appreciation for a modern aesthetic. Meticulous craftsmanship is evident in each piece, handmade in gold, platinum, palladium or a combination. The resulting effortless look is at once contemporary yet classic.

 Deborah Howard:
Atmospheric Blending of Sea and Air

Landscape and seascape paintings composed of muted tones. Deborah reduces scenes to their barest elements to get to the core of what we are seeing. She creates somber mood of tranquility and peace generated through sketch book research and memory.

128 Main Street, Northeast Harbor, Maine 

207 276 5000  SHAWJEWELRY.COM

Shaw Contemporary Jewelry Presents 2nd Show of the Season

July 5-18

Thursday, July 5, 5-7PM

Pre Columbian Masterpieces:
Taino Artifacts with Larry Roberts

The Taino people lived in Hispaniola from roughly 1000-1500 AD. They left a brilliant record of astonishing stone artifacts relating to their cosmic beliefs and their consumption of psychoactive drugs. Mr. Roberts will bring a hundred or more of anthromorphic and zoomorphic artifacts. He is a published author. These are the real things. Astonishing! With a presentation at the Northeast Harbor Library on Friday, July 6 at 5:30PM.

 Barbara Heinrich:
Contemporary Classic Jewelry

Largest grouping from Thursday–Saturday, July 5-7

Barbara’s recognizable style consists of distinctive visual vocabulary defined by matte and burnished surfaces. Modern aesthetics and innovative construction meet old world craftsmanship and seductive materials. She grew up in a vineyard in Germany, and will be here Thursday evening through Saturday.

 Audrius Krulis:
Beauty and Refinement for the Body

A new jeweler for us, Audrius works in 18 kt. gold and gemstones with an emphasis on color and form with inspiration from the natural world. His work is refined and wearable, but with an exotic reverence for materials and a keen appreciation of how jewelry fits on the human form.

Jessica DeFrenn:
Hoary Men and Abandoned Women

Jessica grew up on Swans’s Island and went to Art School in San Fransisco. She paints the men in her past, and the women in her imagination. Magical Realism and Down East Maine provide beginning and ending points of reference for this talented young artist.

 Spotlight on Liang-Chung Yen,
Michael Banzhaf, and Dell Fox

Artwaves Reception at Shaw Jewelery in Northeast


Work pictured here by Nicole DeSimone


Join us at Shaw Jewelry in Northeast Harbor for an Opening Reception Sat. Dec 2 from 4:30 to 6:30 for a new show featuring artists from Bar Harbor’s ArtWaves.

Artists include Jessica Harris, Liz Cutler, Linda Rowell-Kelley, Ben Lincoln, Roberta Sprague, Roxane Scherer, Margaret Beaulieu, Nicole DeSimone, and others.
126 Main Street
Northeast Harbor, Maine
207 276 5000