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Aquilart Advisory opening Barbara F. Kelly, July 13

Aquilart Advisory presents Barbara F. Kelly, opening July 13 with the Norway Music & Arts Festival.

“Throughout my life I’ve sought refuge in nature and in my imagination. I’ve been drawn to the interaction of color and form as a way to find a refuge from a reality that is often overwhelming. The shapes come to me from an ethereal and creative place that is outside of myself and yet deeply personal. They are natural and playful, yet at times hold a tension that yearns to be set free within me. I hope they spark imagination in the viewer.  I have worked in colored pencils for their immediacy; however, I also enjoy working in oil pastel and acrylics.”

Local and National Works Exhibition at Aquilartadvisory

Local and National Works Exhibition celebrating diverse, sometimes merging “cultures” …and spores? Many of the pieces are in petri dishes by: mark BLOOMER, astrid BOWLBY, earyrecords, Seth Fainkujen, Judith Randall, ROBERT MUNZNER DESIGNS, Erika Melhus, CAROLE, Mae Billington, MATTY, aquilARTstaff, SNOOK and ZNcollective
Opens NOV 4th runs thru DEC 2018 by chance or appointment at 400 Main Street in Norway, ME: (929) 500-2220
Closed NOV. 2nd, 3rd & 9th
Optical works, gifts and art classes in tiny bags:

“EYELECTRIC” Art Exhibit at AquilARTadvisory

Kate Komich


“EYELECTRIC” Art Exhibit at AquilARTadvisory opened Fri Aug 3rd, then on First Friday Sept 7, the show was honored with both, a book signing by artist, author and historian Nora Salway and outdoor performance by Master Flautist Peter Kelliher. “EYELECTRIC” Chroma Depth runs thru Sept Featuring: Pointillism Chroma Depth artists: Nick Marshal Snook’s “Visual Contusions” painted carbon fiber sculptures have been joined by Kate Komich’s painted “Earth Pillar”, her Metallic Mandala, paper assemblage, and a Chroma Depth painting, Eric Verret’s (Texas) Octopus and other’s 3D from 2D expressions, as well as Glass and Aluminum Castings, Wood and Stone carving works from the Permanent Collection. Located in the First Suite of the Historic Clocktower / Opera House, 400 Main St. Norway. Look for Vertical Green Lettering. is open by chance or appointment (929) 500-2220