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MCA’s “Preparing for a Wholesale Show”


Preparing for a Wholesale Show

Tuesday, January 7 | 5:30pm
Mechanics Hall Classroom, 519 Congress Street, Portland, ME

FREE for MCA Professional/Emerging Professional/Partners Professional Level/Guild Professional Members
All others: $25

This panel discussion is part of our ongoing Wholesale Resource Hub series. The conversation will be relevant to any wholesale show preparation, and will provide a specific prep timeline for the New England Made (NEM) Spring 2020 Show. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions.

If you are registered for NEM Spring or any wholesale show in 2020, or considering wholesale, join us for this opportunity to hear from the experts.

Whitney Burdsall | New England Made Shows Logistics Director
Molly Thompson | Artist and business owner Pretty Flours
Jolene McGowan | Founder, Matchstick Communications

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Announcements from The Maine Crafts Association

Preparing for a Wholesale Show: Panel Discussion

MCA presents Preparing for a Wholesale Show, a panel discussion in our ongoing Wholesale Resource Hub program. The discussion will focus on best practices in preparing for a wholesale show, and audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions. The conversation will be relevant to any wholesale show preparation, but will provide a specific prep timeline for the New England Made (NEM) Spring Show, which is March 14-16 in Portland. If you are registered for NEM Spring or any wholesale show in 2020, or considering wholesale, join MCA for this opportunity to hear from the experts.

When: Tuesday, January 7 at 5:30pm

Where: Mechanics Hall Classroom, 519 Congress Street, Portland, ME


Styling Workshop: Learn to Make Compelling Images

Join Stylist + Art Director, Basha Burwell, for this one-of-a-kind styling workshop! She will introduce you to her line work, and teach you some tips and tricks to create interesting images containing your work. This unique workshop is for craftspeople + makers wanting to improve the skills necessary to present your craft through photographic images. This workshop will prepare you with the tools needed to successfully conceptualize, plan, produce, and even shoot creative and memorable still life images featuring your craft objects.

When: Saturday, January 25, 2020

Where: Church: 16 Brewster St, Rockland ME 04841

Apply to the 6th Annual Portland Fine Craft Show

The online application is open now for the Sixth Annual Portland Fine Craft Show, a one-day outdoor show on Saturday, August 22, 2020 in the Portland Arts District. The juried show will feature 90+ juried exhibitors from Maine and the Northeast exhibiting baskets, ceramics, fiber-decorative, fiber-wearables, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, paper, stone and wood, as well as outreach booths featuring New England and Portland arts organizations, international artists new to Maine, guilds and schools by special invitation, and sponsor booths. Application deadline is January 31, 2020.


Nancy Davidson, Curator-in-Residence, Maine Jewish Museum

Gabriel Frey, Artist, 2019 Craft Apprentice Program Master

Tara Gardner, Retail Operations Manager, CMCA


Free Street Parking Lot (next to the Children’s Museum)

Cove St. Arts Presents ‘Think A Bot It’

Cove St. Arts Presents, in Portland Eva Goetz’s Think A Bot It. Large, friendly robots speak through semafore, coded messages, and signals requesting that we HELP, STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Goetz’s colorful, dynamic bots encourage the viewer to engage deeply and to think about the possibilities (and dangers) embedded in our technological future. This exhibition is sponsored in part by the generous of The Candy and Jim Platz and Max Kagan Foundation and Creative Portland. 

This vibrant, playful body of work is also a serious platform where deep questions are considered: Are we marching toward a future filled with health and well-being? Or are we on a destructive course, drunk and blinded with new creative ability? Are we fully considering the impact of innovations on society (democracy) and our planet?

Born in Texas with Mexico next door, Eva Goetz was influenced by the palette of the land: the bright and dusty colors found within both the landscape and narrative folk paintings. These sense memories punctuate Goetz’s robots in the form of dots. As the artist explains:  “Dots are both energy and form. As circles, dots can become windows into consciousness. As points, dots can punctuate beginnings and endings. Or perhaps dots are points of light or energetic origins or infinity itself. We all begin and end somewhere.” Think A Bot It is on view through February 22.

Suzanne Anderson at MECA Holiday Sale


Portland is all decked out in lights and I am super excited to be there for the MECA Holiday Sale. The sale starts Friday (during First Friday), 5:30-9. Then resumes Saturday at 10. I am in booth 43 on the second floor near the cafe. The MECA building is at 522 Congress St.

Since injuring my hand in Oct I have been unable to create new inventory BUT I do have some great new pieces I created before my injury AND I am selling gift certificates to be used anytime. I am hoping to be back in the studio making new work mid January.

Come on out and see Portland and visit the MECA building for some really great work by alumni, faculty and students.

Happy Holidays
and Best Wishes for the New Year!


SPEEDWELL Projects Presents 10,000+ Hours

Artwork by Abby Shahn

SPEEDWELL projects, in Portland takes great pride in supporting the fine art work of women, LGTBQ+ and artists of color who are master practitioners of their discipline. On view through Saturday, December 7 with a closing celebration from 6-8 PM.

10,000+ Hours is SPEEDWELL projects inaugural fundraiser and celebrates the mission to correct the canon and create greater visibility for artists who have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to their practice.  SPEEDWELL projects excited to offer this work to promote awareness and ensure longevity.

Please join us to view and purchase masterful work, or make a donation to support this important mission.

Artists include: Elise Ansel, Greta Bank, Barbara Bosworth, Sarah Bouchard, Lucy Breslin, Crystal Cawley, Sara Crisp, Paul D’Amato, Grace DeGennaro, Michel Droge, Eileen Gillespie, Emmet Gowin, Tonee Harbert, Anne Harris, Anna Hepler, Adriane Herman, Charlie Hewitt, Alison Hildreth, Juliet Karelsen, Deborah Klotz, Jocelyn Lee, Winky Lewis, Honour Mack, Amanda Marchand, George Mason, Jan Piribeck, Kari Radasch, Julie Poitras Santos, Abby Shahn, Wendy Small, Kiki Smith, Patti Smith, Gail Spaien, Aaron T. Stephan, Cheryle St. Onge, Barbara Sullivan, Andrea Sulzer, Katarina Weslien, Shoshannah White, Diana Weymar, Henry Wolyniec and Francesca Woodman.

Greenhut Galleries’ 25th Annual Holiday Show

Thomas Connolly, Winter Tug

Greenhut Galleries’ in Portland presents their 25th Annual Holiday Show, featuring its complete roster of painters and sculptors, opens Thursday, December 5th. While the gallery-wide exhibition opens on that date, the public reception for the show – a great chance to meet many of the artists while sampling Holiday treats – will be held on Saturday, December 7, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Roy Germon, Storm Coming


John Whalley, The Actress

With styles ranging from realism to colorful abstraction, there is something for everyone for the Holidays. This exhibition runs from December 5 through February 1.

Cove St. Art Opens for ‘The Light We Share’

Cove St. Arts in Portland Presents “The Light We Share,” curated by Bruce Brown, features the work of five photographers working in Midcoast Maine: Paul Caponigro, Dirk McDonnell, Ni Rong, Eleanor Owen Kerr, and Anna Mikuskova. 

Paul Caponigro, renowned as one of America’s most significant photographers, rather than merely arranging or recording forms and surface details, utilizes an intuitive focus. The result is his exceptional ability to engage the viewer in the mystical, whether in nature or in man-made monuments like Stonehenge.

For Dirk McDonnell, “to photograph is simply an act of taking notes of things: to be actively attentive as you navigate the uncertainties of the terrain. It is to be simultaneously arrested by something and, through the uncomplicated gesture of exposure, to arrest it.” McDonnell’s finished images convey those mysteries that originally arrested him, leading the viewer to navigate the landscape as he must have in creating the image.

Ni Rong’s work is instantly recognizable as she appears in it. Regularly wearing Asian dress in a Maine setting, Rong explores what it means to have lived in two very different cultures – China for the first half of her life and Maine for the second. Perhaps accordingly, such studies in contrast are the only color photographs in the exhibition.

Eleanor Owen Kerr, who spends half her time in Louisiana and the other half in Maine, creates images of both contrasting locales. However, rather than highlight the differences, Kerr’s contemplative focus captures more of the similarities shared across space.

Similarly, Anna Mikuskova’s photographs span geographic space – from Alaska to Maine to Ireland and the Czech Republic – yet they share an unmistakable approach to place and sensitivity to light. She captures a quality of light shared across both time and geography, a known light, key to photography.

Living and working in the same geographic area, each photographer’s work often shares the same literal light, Maine’s rich, spectacular light – a light that has drawn artists to this state for over two centuries.  The work of the five photographers featured, even when not so geographically limited in subject matter, also shares metaphorical light, the light of our world illuminated through photography.

Support and Get Involved in The Maine Museum of Photographic Arts

Ralph Gibson, Untitled, 1995, Chromogenic print, 14 x 11 inches, On loan from the Bates Museum of Art

Consider supporting the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts by visiting  MMPA, in Portland is passionate about photography and wants to make more opportunities available to inspire, exhibit, make and talk about contemporary photography, history, theory, and criticism in the state of Maine.  MMPA is interested in ideas and where photographers take them.

MMPA does this through exhibitions, artist talks, a web presence, gathering reviews and opportunities for photographers and the community.

MMPA has a public exhibition space, a dedicated board, a group of tireless volunteers; professionals who collaborate with us and donate their time and talents.  We are collecting a community, art and support for our passion and we’re making opportunities for the public to become involved in the contemporary photographic arts in Maine.

Currently showing through January 27 is Jack Montgomery and Ralph Gibson: Appearances.


Greenhut Galleries Opens for ‘Nancy Morgan: Tall Tales & Short Stories’

The Passenger, Oil on board, 25 x 28 inches

Greenhut Galleries in Portland, presents Tall Tales & Short Stories, a solo exhibition of 17 new oil paintings by Nancy Morgan Barnes. Tall Tales & Short Stories can be viewed from November 2-30 with an opening reception held on November 2 from 5-7 and artist’s talk on November 16 at 1:00. 

Barnes is a skilled and delightfully quirky storyteller, leading the viewer through narratives that are rarely what they initially seem. Her work, which is characterized by the explicit rendering or order and chaos, is often humorous, frequently with a dark(ish) twist. But make no mistake — despite the artist’s joyful irreverence and attraction to offbeat subject matter, Nancy Morgan Barnes is an extremely dedicated and extremely accomplished painter.  Portland Press Herald art critic, Daniel Kany has written: “The painting is gorgeous in every way.  Morgan-Barnes paints beautifully and builds up unusually luscious surfaces — painted, scraped, sanded, glazed, and finally varnished.  Her technique, patience and craftsmanship deliver something rarely seen, since the 19th century….”  

A sampling of titles from Nancy’s new body of work — The Reluctant Hunter, Eros Tames the Tiger, and Citgo Station — foreshadow the witty and eccentric storylines the paintings reveal. The artist’s statement appears below:

Book and magazine illustration continues to fascinate and inspire me. I have always found this type of clear and fun storytelling engaging. Since narrative painting is visual and not literal, it allows for a more open and less specific description of an event or an idea. As with most images without an accompanying text, the viewer steps in with their own interpretation. By retelling shared stories of fables and fairy tales, I am hoping I can create an image that suggests that we are the same now as then, though most of the work in this particular exhibition is not the retelling of old stories, but are rather paintings of my own invention. I move between an actual source to photographic references to find the imagery I need. Starting with an idea, the process is fluid and changing until the original concept fades and the painting itself begins to guide me. The process is always surprising and mysterious.  

Nancy Morgan Barnes was born in South Bend, Indiana. She earned an undergraduate degree from St. Mary’s College in 1968, and a graduate degree from Indiana University, Bloomington in 1971. She has taught at DePauw University and the Indiana University, Bloomington. Barnes has won numerous merit awards and prizes, including a Good Idea Grant from the Maine Arts Commission. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Indiana University Art Museum and Indiana State Museum.