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Anne Ireland Champagne Opening at The Gallery at Somes Sound

Early Reservation Recommended
Wednesday, July 8, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Early reservations recommended! Our champagne reception will be held outside by the water’s edge with tours (maximum 6 people) being offered inside the Gallery to view the show. We encourage an early reservation to guarantee your attendance – for your comfort and safety, a maximum of 20 people will be at this event.

5% of sales from Anne’s show will be donated to Maine Coast Heritage Trust because we support their mission to protect and conserve Maine’s coastal lands and islands and ecologically protect Maine’s communities.

As a colorist whose primary concern in painting is the relationship between colors (the intensity, the temperature, the value), Anne Ireland uses the landscape as a form on which to explore those connections. Colors speak to each other in a painting and it is that conversation that Ireland wants to follow.   Anne has been making art all her life in one way or another.   The unique spaces and cool light in Maine, whether it’s a foggy cove or a sun-drenched field bordered by pines, lends itself to all of her personal interests in the power of color and in rediscovering her home over and over again.

The Gallery at Somes Sounds Hosts Artist Workshop

Donald Demers, Littoral Path

Hosted by The Gallery at Somes Sound, The Ascending Landscape  workshop with Donald Demers is designed to provide direction for the individual artist; recognizing where they are in their artistic evolution and move them to a higher level of consciousness and execution. It will address all creative components of the artistic process such as: idea, design and composition, draftsmanship, color and value arrangement and manipulation etc. It will further include discussions about the philosophy and intention behind the works. 

Don will provide daily demonstrations, brief visual exercises and conduct extensive individual instruction with each student. 

This workshop is intended for experienced painters and will focus on plein air painting at Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine. It is assumed that participants have their own methods and tools of choice, however, we will send you an optional material’s list at time of registration.

REGISTRATION PROCESS: The workshop will be held from August 1 -4th.  This workshop accommodates 12 participants; early registration is recommended. Registration deadline is March 29th – to register please contact Tyra Hanson at  Please provide a brief bio, verifying your level of experience as a painter. Tuition is $750 per person for the 4 days and will be due upon confirmation of your registration. No refunds within two weeks of the workshop. 

Lodging suggestions will be made available at time of registration.

Gallery at Somes Sound Presents “ELECTRIC SIGNS: Victoria Accardi”

Victoria Accardi, SoHo Psychic City of Dreams, 24” x 36”, oil


ELECTRIC SIGNS:  Victoria Accardi

September 18 – October 1

Victoria Accardi’s paintings, Electric Signs, depict scenes of life in New York City that are simultaneously real, imagined, and embellished. Through this work Accardi has sought to examine solitude. Not through a pitying lens, but rather as a simple study in observation.  These scenes are depicted through the viewpoint of the city—the city as observer and most honest witness of its subjects.

Accardi’s use of contrast: light and dark, pastel and neon, add to the mood and narrative of each piece, creating a body of work that deals with but is not consumed by darkness, it is rather: darkness adjacent.

New Works and Opening Reception at R. Scott Baltz


R. Scott Baltz will be hosting his Summer Reception on Sunday July 21, 2019 from noon to 5 pm. On display will be 30 oil paintings of the local landscape. Baltz has maintained a studio in Mount Desert since 2002, though this year marks the third anniversary of his new studio space just south of Somesville at 46 Parker Farm Road, Mount Desert. His paintings of the local landscape are colorful and expressive. Recent work takes a look back at ideas formulated some 20 years ago, though with new techniques in applying layers of paint. For additional information, please visit the website for a preview of work or call/text Scott at 207.266.3393. The studio is also open Wednesday through Friday from noon to 5 pm, or by appointment. He is also represented by the Gallery at Somes Sound.

Gallery at Somes Sound Presents “Shapes Color and Composition: David Witbeck”


Gallery at Somes Sound in Somesville PRESENTS


July 3 – July 16

Having been a photographer for three decades, one of Witbeck’s greatest joys as a painter is being free from objective reality. He can put things in and leave things out and depict things the way they make him feel rather than the way they actually look. Witbeck loves to exaggerate and simplify shapes. He can bend, stretch, compress and twist the nominal subject matter to fit the confines of the canvas and to create an emotional response. Rather than thinking of the subject matter as a “picture” Witbeck tries to use it as a device to compose the surface of the canvas in an interesting way.

The Gallery at Somes Sound Open House and Artist Reception

The Gallery at Somes Sound invites the public to a special Open House and Artist Reception Wednesday, June 26 from 5 to 7 pm.
Please join us!
A fun evening with friends and patrons of the arts
Meet the gallery’s stable of artists and view their work for 2019

Craig Mooney

The Gallery at Somes Sound “Scott Baltz: The Past Shaping the Future”

Scott Baltz, “Ponds End”


The Gallery at Somes Sound will be having it’s first show from June 12 – 25 featuring “Scott Baltz: The Past Shaping the Future”

At the core of Scott Baltz’s work is an examination of the energy and movement within the landscape. His paintings evolve from intimate experiences, filtered by the passage of time, memory and imagination focusing on transition, simplified compositions and shapes. “The way I go about creating a painting has shifted, as it feels more a meditative process where the painting directs me, as opposed to the other way around. It is a journey with the past shaping the future.” Scott Baltz For the past several years Baltz has been working thematically on images revolving around transitional light. The challenges and joys of the creative process sustains his passion, artistic vision and well-being.

To Dance with Light & Energy, Part II at the Gallery at Somes Sound

To Dance with Light & Energy, Part II
September 15 – September 28

The Gallery at Somes Sound

Brian Emerson

“I recently rushed to an opening in the trees to catch a sunset. I’m always surprised at how fast it falls once it hits the horizon. I love these moments and, as a painter, I always try to look twice; once to appreciate and again to capture. The light and energy at dusk and dawn are always my favorite for its exaggerated shadows and colors! My hope is to give an angle or perspective possibly not taken by the viewer so as to inspire or at least help them see it in another way.” Brian Emerson

To Dance with Light & Energy, Part I at the Gallery At Somes Sound

To Dance with Light & Energy, Part I
September 1- September 14

The Gallery at Somes Sound

Eline Barclay

“Here on the Maine Coast I live inside my paintings. I am surrounded by a tidal marsh, providing me with a daily visual lexicon of inspirational subject matter. The colors of weather – the Maine light – the violence of storms with heavy air and dark skies – the foggy mists and soft glows; all evoke feelings of awe as well as peacefulness. There is also a mood of elegy in my work, brought on by the growing threats to the fragile ecosystems of the coastal wetlands.” Eline Barclay

The Gallery at Somes Sound, 1112 Main Street, PO Box 203, Mt. Desert, ME 04660

The Intimacy Between Space & Color – Part II at the Gallery at Somes Sound

The Intimacy Between Space & Color
The Gallery At Somes Sound, Mt Desert ME
August 12 – August 25

Graham Dougherty

Learn what motivates, challenges and connects this gifted artist to the intensity, temperature and value of light.

Light refreshments will be served opening day,
Sunday 8/12 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

1112 Main St, Mt Desert, ME 04660