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Tidemark Gallery + Cafe opens for “The Miller School Portrait Show”

Self Portrait of a Representative of Grade 2, Miller Elementary School


Tidemark Gallery + Café in Waldoboro resumes regular hours: Wed-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-2, on May 1.

The Miller School Portrait Show reception will be Friday, May 10, from 4pm to 6pm.  Student artists and their teacher, Nathan Fogg, will be there to meet and talk about their work. This school/community collaboration is an exhibition of student self-portraits in pastel, mixed media, prints and clay sculptures. The idea is to showcase student art in a professional gallery setting where it may be enjoyed by everyone, both inside and outside of the school community.  The art work will be on display at the gallery throughout the month of May. It is outstanding and well worth a visit — or several visits.

We’ll be posting more information on Tidemark Gallery + Café facebook and instagram.

Weaving East to West 2019 Workshops with Sara Hotchkiss



Sometime in the mid-eighties not too long after I moved to Maine, I met a lovely woman at a craft show near Camden who fell in love with the color blends of a rug I wove. She and the rug went happily home. In truth I went happily home too because I sold a rug to a nice person who fell in love with what I had already fallen in love with: the color blends that make my rugs so special.

Many years later I bumped into her at another show and she mentioned needing a rug for a space in her new home. She told me about their first viewing of this house when they noticed a distinctive runner on the stairs that they knew at a glance was mine. The previous owners had commissioned me to weave this stair runner 10 years before. A bit of serendipity, yes? The stair runner is still there and looks as good as ever.

Eventually we began the design process and the weaving and this handsome dining room rug was born. It’s so perfect for this room. I knew I couldn’t let it go without a photograph to keep so I enlisted my long time and favorite photographer Dennis Griggs of Topsham, Maine to photograph the room and rug.





Workshops are filling! For information on weaving workshops visit and email me for availabiliy.

Tidemark Gallery Show: The Word Made Art

Tidemark Gallery + Café is pleased to present “The Word Made Art,” a group art exhibition to mark this year’s celebration of Herman Melville’s 200th birthday with works inspired by the the American Renaissance (1820-1860). Participating visual artists offer, in their chosen media, responses to literary works of men and women from the seminal era of American Romanticism: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Edger Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, and others.

The artists featured in the show will include: Chris Augusta, Barbara Vanderbilt, David Peloquin, Sandy Griffin, Linda Gallion, Stephanie Muri, Susanna Lasker, Pat Parks, Lucy Martin, Stephanie Chamberlin, Alana VanDerwerker, Martha Truscott, and Helen Richmond Webb.

“The Word Made Art” will run through the first week in May, 2019. The artists will be present at the opening reception Sunday, March 2nd from 2 – 5 p.m. Gallery hours are 10-5, Wednesday through Friday, and 10-2 Saturdays. For additional information please find us on Facebook or at 902 Main Street, Waldoboro, 207 832-5109.

Sara Hotchkiss Workshop Dates


Weave a Rug/Color Your Home Workshop Experience 2-day class:
Class fee: $275, includes all materials and lunch.
Maximum 4 students.
Dates May 22-23, August 21-22.

Weave a Tapestry Rug/Color Your Home Workshop Experience 3-day class:
Class fee: $400, includes all materials and lunch.
Maximum 4 students.
June 4-5-6, July 9-10-11, September 10-11-12, October 29,30-31

Email for registration

The Workshop

The first day we will begin at 10am and work until 5 or 6pm. The second (and third) day we start at 9am and usually work until 6pm. We gather for lunch in my sunroom/dining room or outside on the patio (weather permitting) for a delicious and nutritious homemade lunch with as many locally sourced products as possible – sometimes from my own garden. Snacks and tea are available throughout the day.

The dates and fees are listed above. Payment is required in advance and with registration.
Download and fill out the registration form but please call me at 207-832-8133 first to check availability of class dates you prefer. If you need housing there are several comfortable places to stay in Waldoboro and options will be listed when you receive your registration form. Please email me if you have any questions or special requests.

The Location

The studio is located in the coastal town of Waldoboro, about 1 and half hours north of Portland, Maine. We are nestled between two fields bordered with magnificent old oak trees along with a few evergreens and a collection of crabapples I planted years ago. You may be lucky enough to be here when the lavender – all 130 plants – in the front yard is in full bloom. The sound of the honey bees and the bumblebees will make your heart smile. Behind the studio is a modest vegetable garden full of the usual plants and a handful of weird things. It is fun to find out how well they will grow. Pollinator plants such as curly leaf mullein, echinaceas, and daisies grow amongst the vegetables. I also plant a handful of dye plants like indigo, weld, woad, and calendula. There is a walnut tree at my neighbors so I have a few babies – thanks to the squirrels, who also leave piles of chewed walnut hulls for me to use for dye. Everything is symbiotic here.

Inside the Studio

Currently there are 6 looms in my loom studio. 4 looms available for workshop students and the large 10 and 12 foot looms where I weave larger rugs. Small frame looms hang on pegs on the walls. Yarn is all over the place. It is not exactly tidy, though I make an effort. I invite you to be inspired and productive. The classes are relaxed and students are encouraged to work at their own pace. I teach the basic fundamentals of rug weaving with fabric, offer support, and if everyone in class is busy weaving on their own then I work on my own projects in the studio alongside them.

Finishing techniques are also taught. I structure the classes as if we are both interior designer and student, meaning the student tells me their color inspiration and requirements and I turn that into a fabric swatch board that they approve before class. I prepare the looms with warp that is color coordinated with the student’s fabric, and prepare the weft fabric.

André E. Benoit Constructs at Tidemark Gallery

Brown Rabbit in Carrot Patch

Brown Rabbit in Carrot Patch

August 11, Waldoboro’s Second Saturday Artwalk, Tidemark Gallery launched a show of new work by André Benoit of Cliff Island and Boothbay Harbor renown. Using odds and ends and things others might just throw away, he makes art that’s fun and light-hearted. His process is long and fascinating, “what I most enjoy about my work with salvaged materials are the stories behind my acquisition of them, and the opportunity to meld unrelated pieces into a composition that commands a second look.

To learn more about this artist, please visit

20th Annual Eastern Views: Asian brush painting, Watercolors, and Oils at The Brick House Gallery

Van Gogh Iris, Kigel watercolor, 31×36

Jean Kigel celebrates two decades of exhibiting paintings of Maine and the Far East the second weekend in August. These annual events began in Tenants Harbor, transitioned to Damariscotta, and finally to Waldoboro. This year’s exhibit showcases her newest paintings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – August 10th, 11th, and 12th – – from 10:00 – 5:00 each day.   On Friday, August 10th the public is invited to a reception from 5:00 – 7:00PM. The Gallery is located at 176 Winslow Mills Road (Route 32).

Her signature images combine her twin passions for flowers and for water. Kigel painted Van Gogh Blues in subtle shades blues and purples. Illumination, a foggy scene from Back Cove, Waldoboro reveals her other passion, water. In addition, Kigel will exhibit small still-lifes of vintage objects.

For more information, preview this exhibit at or call 975-3262.


Painting by Michael E. Vermette

Painting by Michael E. Vermette

Paint the Town, Waldoboro’s annual plein air event and art auction, is returning on August 4th. Many well-known artists will rendezvous in one of the Mid-Coast’s hidden gems, and spend the day painting select views of the historic village and surrounding countryside.

The fresh art will be auctioned off at day’s end, following an artists’ reception featuring fresh lobster hors d’euerves and local wines. Wet Paint preview starts at 4:30 pm, with the auction beginning at 6:00 pm. $15 suggested donation at the door.

The event takes place at 995 Main Street in Waldoboro. All proceeds are shared by the Lions Club, the Waldoboro Public Library, the Medomak Valley Land Trust, and the Volunteer Fireman’s Association of the Waldoboro Fire Department.

We want to thank our sponsors, Dream Local Digital, Hall’s of Waldoboro, Waldoboro Chiropractic and Massage, and Downeast Medicinals.

For more information, visit or email

Chris Augusta at Tidemark Gallery

Polyphemus Moth, pastel on paper, Chris Augusta

Polyphemus Moth, pastel on paper, Chris Augusta

Chris Augusta is a naturalist and a philosopher. He learned his skills as an artist by studying with his father, George Augusta, a notable portrait and landscape artist. His pastels and oils are his way of expressing what he sees and understands of the world we all share.

This collection, “Fall of Insects,” pays respect to these co-inhabitants in our world; not only the conventionally beautiful butterflies, but also the structurally and visually interesting beetles and bugs who may not always be quite so well appreciated.

The show is a feature of ArtWalk Waldoboro on July 14 and will remain on exhibit through July.

For more information, call Tidemark Gallery 832-5109 or visit us on Facebook.

Grand Opening of the season at Philippe Guillerm Gallery

“Mona Bird – Body Gard – Mine”

Philippe Guillerm at Philippe Guillerm Gallery

“Art is Fun”, a exhibition of works by international artist Philippe Guillerm, opens with an artist’s reception Saturday, June 9th, from 4 to 7pm.

Philippe Guillerm presents a unique series of Paintings and Sculptures from his travels to the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands. This year’s Collection will be fun, eclectic and whimsical for Waldoboro’s first ArtWalk of the 2018.

Born in Paris, France, Philippe Guillerm began working with design in a early age and the local environment had an enormous and lasting influence on his drawings giving him contemporary forms he continues to use today on his tree dimensional works. The artist actually went to school for engineering, following his father’s vocation. He grew up surrounded by art, and his training, along with helping his father build furniture and boats, prepared him to compose. Philippe’s family is originally from Brittany, or “ Land of the Sea”, where the people traditionally worked as sailors or fishermen .With his heritage and a life time of summer sailing behind him, adolescent Guillerm left France for Spain and Morocco. His travels eventually led to French Guyana, where he met wife and wood, Philippe found the beauty of each undeniable, and he left for Tahiti two years later as a husband and sculptor.

Tidemark Gallery opens with Doug Frati

Tidemark Gallery opens with Doug Frati

Palmyra, Maine, artist and farmer, brings bold paintings and graphic wood carvings for Waldoboro’s first ArtWalk of the 2018 season Saturday, June 9, from 4 to 7pm.

Frati’s work will be on exhibit through the month of June and may be previewed on Instagram at and Tidemark’s Facebook page.

Summer gallery hours, 10-5pm, Tuesday through Saturday, begin on June 1.