SPEEDWELL Projects Presents 10,000+ Hours

Artwork by Abby Shahn

SPEEDWELL projects, in Portland takes great pride in supporting the fine art work of women, LGTBQ+ and artists of color who are master practitioners of their discipline. On view through Saturday, December 7 with a closing celebration from 6-8 PM.

10,000+ Hours is SPEEDWELL projects inaugural fundraiser and celebrates the mission to correct the canon and create greater visibility for artists who have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to their practice.  SPEEDWELL projects excited to offer this work to promote awareness and ensure longevity.

Please join us to view and purchase masterful work, or make a donation to support this important mission.

Artists include: Elise Ansel, Greta Bank, Barbara Bosworth, Sarah Bouchard, Lucy Breslin, Crystal Cawley, Sara Crisp, Paul D’Amato, Grace DeGennaro, Michel Droge, Eileen Gillespie, Emmet Gowin, Tonee Harbert, Anne Harris, Anna Hepler, Adriane Herman, Charlie Hewitt, Alison Hildreth, Juliet Karelsen, Deborah Klotz, Jocelyn Lee, Winky Lewis, Honour Mack, Amanda Marchand, George Mason, Jan Piribeck, Kari Radasch, Julie Poitras Santos, Abby Shahn, Wendy Small, Kiki Smith, Patti Smith, Gail Spaien, Aaron T. Stephan, Cheryle St. Onge, Barbara Sullivan, Andrea Sulzer, Katarina Weslien, Shoshannah White, Diana Weymar, Henry Wolyniec and Francesca Woodman.

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