Anne Ireland Champagne Opening at The Gallery at Somes Sound

Early Reservation Recommended
Wednesday, July 8, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Early reservations recommended! Our champagne reception will be held outside by the water’s edge with tours (maximum 6 people) being offered inside the Gallery to view the show. We encourage an early reservation to guarantee your attendance – for your comfort and safety, a maximum of 20 people will be at this event.

5% of sales from Anne’s show will be donated to Maine Coast Heritage Trust because we support their mission to protect and conserve Maine’s coastal lands and islands and ecologically protect Maine’s communities.

As a colorist whose primary concern in painting is the relationship between colors (the intensity, the temperature, the value), Anne Ireland uses the landscape as a form on which to explore those connections. Colors speak to each other in a painting and it is that conversation that Ireland wants to follow.   Anne has been making art all her life in one way or another.   The unique spaces and cool light in Maine, whether it’s a foggy cove or a sun-drenched field bordered by pines, lends itself to all of her personal interests in the power of color and in rediscovering her home over and over again.

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