Littlefield Gallery Presents ‘Surpassing the Ordinary’

“Granite Stack, Schoodic,” by Sarah Faragher.

Littlefield Gallery presents “Surpassing the Ordinary,” an exhibit of paintings and sculpture featuring artists Sarah Faragher, Mark Herrington and Joseph Haroutunian.

Plein-air artist Sarah Faragher paints memories of her experiences with nature. “Through painting, I participate in the landscape, recognize transcendent moments in nature, honor the integrity of natural forms, and describe where my heart lives,” she says. “I often feel as if the places I paint have commissioned me to tell their autobiographies, at the same time that I tell my own.”

Sculptor Mark Herrington is inspired by glacial erratics that are ubiquitous in the Maine trout streams and ponds. “Using the material as the starting point in developing form, each piece is as individual as the stone that I begin with,” he explains. “I bring aesthetic rigor with a passion for minimalism to find something beyond and within the material itself.”

Joseph Haroutunian will show his abstract paintings. As former director of the Bowdoin College Art Museum, Katy Kline describes, “The colors, moods and forms of the Maine landscape inspire and infect Haroutunian’s paintings. If his canvasses do not constitute landscape portraits, they nonetheless serve as persuasive metaphors for the way landscape is experienced. Like the painter, the viewer is engulfed by sensory experience, plunged into fields of flux and flow.”

The show runs June 22 to July 19. The gallery, located at 145 Main St., Winter Harbor, is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment. Call 207-838-4174 or email for more information. Addition details are available online at

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