New issue of MMPA Antidote now available online

Lynn Karlin, “Romanesco Cauliflower,” from The Pedestal Series.

In response to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and local closings, the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts in Portland began creating the online series MMPA Antidote, which includes photographic artwork, audio interviews, and artist statements and reflections from Maine artists, aimed to serve as inspiration during times of isolation.

Published bi-weekly, Antidote features contemporary photographers and interviews with industry experts.

The current issue highlights work by Lynn Karlin.

“Since leaving a successful photography career in New York City for the romantic idea of farming in rural Maine, I never could have imagined that 38 years later, I would still be fascinated with vegetables,” Karlin writes. “Having photographed my first book, ‘Maine Farm: A Year of Country Life,’ while living at our farm gave me a new appreciation for the food we eat and so often take for granted. The Pedestal Series began 12 years ago when, at the local farmers market, I was intrigued by the simplicity of a beautiful cauliflower still encased in its stems and leaves. I took it home to photograph, placed it on a pedestal by an east-facing window, raising it to a place of honor. Now I collect vintage pedestals and a variety of backdrops. This series led to more elaborate still-lifes inspired by 17th-century Dutch master painters and to a body of work that is about the obvious but often overlooked beauty of the harvest.”

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