Greenhut’s 26th Annual Holiday Show

Matt Blackwell, Flora, Just the Other Side of Nowhere

Though we’re disappointed not to be gathering for a festive opening reception this season, we’re excited to invite you in to see Greenhut’s 26th Annual Holiday Show!

With styles ranging from realism to colorful abstraction and everything in between, there is truly something for everyone. This exhibition runs from December 3 through January 30, 2021.
Joel Babb, Susan Barnes, Chris Beneman, Matt Blackwell, Mary Bourke, Jeff Bye, Thomas Connolly, Ed Douglas, Grant Drumheller, Maurice Freedman, Philip Frey, Kathleen Galligan, Roy Germon, Alison Goodwin, Thomas Higgins, Jon Imber, Tina Ingraham,  William Irvine, Sarah Knock, Marty Kremer, Margaret Lawrence, George Lloyd, Frederick Lynch, Daniel Minter, Nancy Morgan Barnes, Colin Page, Tom Paiement, Roy Patterson, Stephen Porter, Sandra Quinn, Alison Rector, Glenn Renell, Alec Richardson, Kathi Smith, Mike Stiler, Neil Welliver and John Whalley

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